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5 Fun Ways To Use Your Hoodie Blanket 

Designed for long days out as well as cosy days in, thousands of people have chosen our top-rated hoodie blankets over others for their comfort and versatility.

With endless fun to be had with our super-soft and super-sized blanket hoodies, we’re always intrigued to find out how Kuddlers have been making the most out of theirs. Here’s a few of our favourite ideas as submitted by you!

Take it camping

Alongside unwinding at home, one of the most popular ways that Kuddlers use their hoodie blanket is to bring it camping with them. 

Woman wearing a hoodie blanket in the countryside

With their super-soft sherpa fleece interior, our hoodie blankets are the perfect piece to put on when there’s a chill in the air. Plus, since our oversized hoodie blankets are designed with a lightweight and breathable teddy fleece exterior, you won’t overheat while you’re sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows. 

Who said that camping couldn’t be cosy? Take your hoodie blanket along with you and turn your next camping trip into a glamping trip. 

Man and woman camping while wearing hoodie blankets

Take it to the cinema

Thanks to its extra-large kangaroo-style pocket, your hoodie blanket can discreetly carry all sorts including your favourite sweet treats for the cinema. If you’re watching a thriller or a scary movie, you can use your hoodie blanket’s huge hood to hide in!

Take it to the beach

Not only are our hoodie blankets built for winter, but they can also come in handy during the warmer summer months of the year, too.

Woman wearing a hoodie blanket at the beach 

No need to use your beach towel to warm up in the evening – now, you can throw on your hoodie blanket and cuddle up in cosy comfort while you watch the sunset with friends. Just make sure to shake off all of the sand before snuggling on the sofa back at home.

5 Fun Ways To Use Your Hoodie Blanket  1

Wear it while travelling

One of the best hoodie blanket benefits is that there’s no rule as to when and where you can wear yours.

Man wearing hoodie blanket while travelling

Your hoodie blanket is a cosy combo between an oversized blanket and a throw, making it an ideal travel companion for when you’re at the airport or on a road trip. The huge front pouch makes it super simple to bring along all of your cosy essentials like books, gaming consoles and snacks, so you’ll never get bored!

Woman wearing hoodie blanket while travelling

Take photos in it

Staying in and looking cosy is the new going out and looking camera ready! With such a super selection of fun designs to choose from, our hoodie blankets offer fantastic photo opportunities.

Woman taking selfie while wearing a hoodie blanket

Want a glowing shot for the gram? Try taking a selfie in dimmer lighting while wearing our glow-in-the-dark blanket hoodie. 

We love seeing all of your happy faces rocking our snuggly hoodie blankets. Make sure to tag us at @kudd.ly so we can see your photo! Haven’t got yours yet? Order a kuddly hoodie blanket today below. 

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