8 ways a Weighted Blanket Enhances your “New Normal”

The world is changing. Our “New Normal” will present a challenge for everyone. For most, that means bonus time spent at home. At Kudd.ly, we found out that spending more time at home was a blessing in disguise.

Our Kudd.ly team found out that “life at home” is more fulfilling than we first expected. Armed with a pinch of creativity, a dash of work ethic, & our Kudd.ly Weighted Blankets, we transformed our homes into a haven for productivity AND serenity.

Our business has grown thanks to:

  • quality of “home offices” increasing employee productivity
  • improved home life producing happier & more energetic employees

Kudd.ly wants the same for you! To do our part to help, we have included a special voucher at the bottom of this article. 


In the meantime, here’s 8 reasons why you will thrive spending more time at home:

1. You can still receive hugs

In this stressful and uncertain time, one of the best ways to feel better is by receiving a hug. But how can you obtain the warm and comforting feeling of a deep embrace when you’re supposed to be self-isolating? A weighted blanket can do just that, as the heaviness of the blanket will mimic the feel of a cozy hug, big time!

2. You can keep focused while working

Working from home can be distracting, especially if you live with other people or children. If you’re finding it hard to concentrate on work while isolated, try using the Kudd.ly weighted blanket while sitting at your desk. Deep touch pressure not only calms the mind but can help you focus and concentrate on the task at hand too.

3. You can calm the mind

The added weight inside of the blanket creates a physical reaction in the body when cocooned in its plush fabric. This is called deep touch pressure, and it can be highly therapeutic, as this pressure creates calming and positive effects on the body and mind. That’s something everybody could use right now!

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4. You can sleep soundly

Weighted blankets are one of the best tools to use for insomnia. Many around the world find it hard to turn off their minds and get restful sleep at night. With the current state of affairs, it can be even harder than usual. Therefore, curling up under a weighted blanket at bedtime can help quiet the mind and body to obtain a better night’s sleep. Quality sleep is also the most crucial factor in keeping up a strong immune system, making it an essential factor now more than ever. 

5. You can keep comfortable on the sofa for hours

Many of us will be turning to Netflix and other streaming services to fill the hours at home while advised to stay inside. Why not make your binge session as comfortable as possible snuggled under a warm and inviting weighted blanket. You can get more shows or seasons in without having to readjust every half-hour.

6. You can feel comforted while watching the news

Updates on the state of the world are happening daily, if not more so. If you’re the type of person who wants to know the latest info, even if it is unsettling, then keeping up to date with the news with a weighted blanket wrapped around your shoulders is the way to go. You can stay informed, but the gentle pressure of the blanket can help keep you grounded and comforted, no matter what you hear.

7. You can add it to any hobby

All of the extra time at home means more time for the hobbies you enjoy! Whether its reading, playing video games, painting or crafting, or sewing, you can do it all while wrapped in a lush blanket. Weighted blankets will help you concentrate and keep you comfortable so you can do more of your favourite activities for longer.

8. You can add a one to your yoga routine

Harvard medical school suggests that yoga is one of the best ways to obtain some exercise and destress during this trying time without having to leave the house. But did you know that you can add a weighted blanket into the mix to make it even more relaxing and peaceful? Use the ultra soft Kuddly for support when doing hip openers, or even drape it around your body during savasana to really unwind.

Whichever way you choose to pass the time while at home, Kudd.ly wants to make sure you are self-isolating in comfort and with a calm mind. To deliver our therapeutic effects of their weighted blanket to homes across the UK, we are currently offering a flash sale! Check it out here and secure yourself a warm and inviting Kudd.ly during this trying time.

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What Our Happy Customers Have To Say!

[Kuddly] has to be one of my favourite items EVER, my husband even asked if I wanted to marry it. I suffer with severe anxiety and this really helps with my mental health, it also makes me feel safe and secure. My mum said it feels like a cuddle.


The first night of using my kudd.ly blanket. What a difference it has made immediately. I fell asleep comfortably and woke up naturally, which is amazing for me because sleep doesn't come easy for me. For myself, even the pain I wake up in has reduced.


It is the softest blanket I have ever owned. I use this blanket over night and my sleep has really improved so far. This blanket is designed to calm the central nervous system, relieve stress, improve sleep and provide a sense of security. I can honestly say this blanket does not disappoint. I wish I had invested in one earlier.