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"Absolutely no light gets in! Totally dark, and super comfy!”
-Steve R, UK
"Absolutely no light gets in! Totally dark, and super comfy!”
-Steve R, UK™ 3D Sleep Mask

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Made with super soft, breathable, durable materials, the™ Sleep Mask is engineered to perfectly fit to your face without any pressure on your eyes.

Deep sleep is crucial for a better and healthier life. So why leave sleep to chance?

Meet the™ Sleep Mask, designed, constructed, and optimized for deepest-possible sleep anywhere.

Why choose the kuddly™ 3D Sleep Mask?

Deep, uninterrupted sleep.

It’s the ideal sleep companion. A 100% blackout sleep mask, it covers and conforms to your eyes perfectly for optimal sleep quality. Rest well, knowing that even in broad daylight, the™ Sleep Mask will block out 100% of the light—so you always wake up fully rested.

The perfect fit.

The™ Sleep Mask is designed to feel like it was meant just for you. Engineered to be completely adjustable, you can reposition your mask’s eye cups to fit perfectly for your face so you feel comfortable always when getting in those much needed Zzz’s.

How cosy you are matters.

The™ Sleep Mask is made so there’s no pressure on the eyes and engineered for optimal comfort for every type of sleeper. Back, side, stomach, it doesn’t matter when you’re wearing the™ Sleep Mask—you’ll always sleep soundly.

How does™ compare?™ Sleep Mask Generic Sleep Mask
Great for back, belly and side sleep YesYes
Lightweight YesYes
Boosts REM and deep sleep YesYes
100% blackout Yes No
Zero pressure on eyes Yes No
Infinitely adjustable for personalized fit Yes No
Won’t crush eyelashes Yes No
Swappable strap and eye cups YesNo
Durable, high-quality materials Yes No

Darkness is Essential to Sleep

The absence of light tells our brain that it’s time to rest. When we’re exposed to artificial light from our electronics or the lamp lights from outside at the wrong time, our internal “sleep clock” can be altered, interfering with both the quantity and quality of our sleep.
The™ Sleep Mask can help protect our “sleep clock” from the negative effects of intrusive light.  


Definitely. The™ Sleep Mask is engineered to be comfortably worn by any kind of sleeper: back, side, or belly.

Yes. The™ Sleep Mask is machine washable. Make sure to wash it in cold water and don’t put it in the dryer. Let it dry flat.

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