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Why Kuddly Is UK's Top Weighted Blanket?

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1. Calms the central nervous system

The Kudd.ly Weighted Blanket provides just enough pressure to put your nervous system into a “rest” state, providing an overall sense of calm.

2. Relieves Stress

While laying under the Kudd.ly Weighted Blanket, the deep pressure touch helps put your mind at ease by reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress.

3. Improves Sleep

The way a Kudd.ly Weighted Blanket mimics the feeling of a hug, it calms your mind and provides you with more quality sleep by helping you sleep quicker and sleep longer.

4. Provides A Sense Of Security

That hug feeling the Kudd.ly Weighted provides gives you a sense of security, making you feel more comfortable and worry free.

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Kuddly Specifications & Features

Kuddly is perfect for anywhere in the house. It is 48x78” in dimension and weighs approximately 5 kg.

Choose from Grey or Blue or get one of each, it will match perfect.

The weight in a Kuddly comes from tiny, round, BPA free, non-toxic glass beads.

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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
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