kudd.ly™ – Cosiest Hoodie Blanket

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3 Reasons You’ll Fall in Love With Our kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket.

You’ll Always Feel Comfy Wearing Your kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket.

If you’re really comfortable and warm on the couch and want to have a snack, don’t worry. By wearing the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket, your blanket comes with you. So, you’re always comfortable and warm. 

Everyone has Fun Wearing a kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket. 

Our kuddlers are always raving about how much their kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket feels like one massive colourful hug. It’s hard not smiling while wearing one. 

Make the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket Your Weekend Uniform

It’s so soft and relaxing, the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket will be the first thing you’ll want to put on after a long day’s work. 

What’s the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket?

It’s the most massive hoodie blanket ever. Just like wearing a blanket, the kudd.ly™ Hoodie will be the comfiest, most cosiest piece of clothing you’ll ever own. 

Most of our kuddlers don’t know how they survived before owning their kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blankets. They never want to take theirs off.

Exactly How Massive is the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket?

Trust us, it’s absolutely massive. From shoulder to end, it measures at 96cm.

Which kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket Design Will you Choose?

The kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket now comes in 6 exciting colours and designs.

Having trouble deciding? Why not buy 3? Or 4? The more kudd.ly™ you buy, the more you’ll save.  

kudd.ly™ Ships from the UK & Offers Free Shipping!

It is always our mission to ship out our kudd.ly™ products as quickly as possible, and our ideal situation would be to always ship next day delivery. As our popularity grows, our products sell out quickly and thus our delivery times may vary. 

For more information regarding our shipping and returns, please visit our shipping FAQ page

Have any questions or concerns about your kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket, please visit our customer service page

How do you care for your kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket?

Taking care of your kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket is super easy because it’s completely machine washable. 

  • Simply place your kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. 
  • Make sure to use cold water, and a gentle detergent. 
  • Your kudd.ly™ loves to be air dried, but it can go in the dryer. 
  • If you really want your kudd.ly™’s cosiness to last, hand washing is ideal. 

Either way, the more you take care of your kudd.ly™, the more your kudd.ly™ will take care of you.

Here are 10 Reasons Why the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket is so Great:

100% Cosy Guarantee

All our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Free Shipping

We ship from the UK with free delivery. 

Great Quality, Great Price

Our products are exceptional in both quality and price. 

Exceptional Customer Service

Top notch customer service. We’re always here to help. 

100% Cosy Guarantee

Not 100% satisfied with our product after 30 days? We’ll give you a full refund—no hassle.

100% Cosy Guarantee

Not 100% satisfied with our product after 30 days? We’ll give you a full refund—no hassle.

Free Shipping

Who wants to pay extra on shipping? No one. Don’t worry, shipping is on us!

Great Quality, Great Price

Our products are top notch and are super affordable because you can’t put too high a price on sleep.

Exceptional Customer Service

We look out for our Kuddlers. We’re always there to help.