Our Therapeutic Weighed Blanket
The Koala™ Weighted Therapeutic Blanket is for anyone who has ever felt stressed out, overworked or has trouble sleeping. Using the Koala lowers your physiological arousal levels by mimicking the sensation of being cuddled.The Koala Blanket works to improve sleep, decrease stress and reduce anxiety.
Therapeutic Weighted
Blanket Sale
Standard 4/6.8kg £69
Standard 9kg £79
Double 6.8/9kg £89
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Key Features:

Improves Sleep Quality
For All Seasons
Machine Washable
Warm Cosy Hug Sensation

Duvet + Cover Included

Your Koala Weighted Blanket includes a weighted duvet and a cover, which are designed to work together to keep consistent pressure on your body while regulating temperature, so it can be used all year round.

The Koala Blanket Cover

The weighted duvet fits perfectly inside the Koala cover, which has two sides of comfort. Depending on your mood and temperature, use the;
Ultra-soft minky side for the cooler days OR
Silky eco bamboo side for the warmer days

How It Fits

The Koala Therapeutic Weighted
Blanket Helps With...

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What Our Customer Are Saying...

Why did I wait so long to try a weighted blanket?!
I've wanted to try a weighted blanket for years, and after I received my kuddly Therapeutic weighted blanket I have no idea why I waited so long! Sleeping without it feels funny now, so I'm glad there is a warm and cool side to use year-round. Super fast shipping as well, I definitely recommend!
-Sue Chen Verified Buyer
"Absolute Heaven"
Don't know why it took me so long to find my kuddly therapeutic weighted blanket,but will never be without one ever again. My sleep pattern has been really poor for 30 years. Now I sleep all night and awaken fresh each morning.
- Agnus Keegans Verified Buyer
"100% cannot sleep without it!"
100% cannot sleep without my therapeutic weighted blanket anymore. I've been using it everyday for over 2 years now. Since then I've managed to sleep much more soundly and without medical or herbal aid. It's calming.
-Frances K. Verified Buyer