Key Features

"I have poor circulation and can’t ever seem to keep my feet warm. But then I found these slippers and they’re a god send. I love love love them. They’re very soft, super comfy, and I love the lavender scent. These are the best. Highly recommend."
-Jenna T. Verified Buyer
"There are the best gifts ever! They’re so fluffy and look super cute. I love how you can warm them up. I’ll have to buy another pair because my mum keeps stealing them."
- Beth M. Verified Buyer
"So soft and warm. Especially after heating the sole up in the microwave. I love having these on my feet. Highly recommend."
- Leslie H. Verified Buyer
“Love my kuddly komfies. The heatable inserts are such a nice touch, I use them whenever my feet are aching at the extra warmth really helps. They’re super cute too!"
Hannah Adams | United Kingdom
30 minutes of therapeutic heat
Microwave the heatable inserts for extra therapeutic comfort
Heatable insoles for extra warmth 
Keep your toes extra warm and cosy
Comfortable to Wear All-Day
Ultra-comfy slippers to keep your feet comfortable and warm

No more cold feet

Your feet will thank you for pampering them with our kuddly™ komfies. Their heatable clay inserts will keep your feet cosy. Here’s how it works: 
Step 1: 
Unzip the heatable inserts from the kuddly™ komfies.
Step 2: 
Place the heatable inserts in the microwave and heat them up for a max of 30 seconds.
Step 3:
Once heated up, simply place the inserts back into your kuddly™ komfies and enjoy the extra warmth for 30 minutes.

Technical Specifications

All komfies are made with 280 GSM Plush and come with an all natural clay insert made of clay beads that can be heated up in the microwave for extra instant warmth. The inside lining is made of ultra-cosy, 190GSM mink. The bottom sole is made of 100% polyester with anti-slip silicone dot. The insert is filled with all natural clay beads.
Comes in two sizes: S/M and L/XL

Available in two colours: pink and grey

Heat the inserts up in the microwave and enjoy 30 minutes of extra warmth
Taking care of your™ Cooling Blanket is super easy. It’s completely machine washable.
  • Simply place your komfies in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees celsius.
  • Make sure to use a gentle detergent.
  • Your komfies love to be air-dried flat, but can also drip dry on a line.
Either way, the more you take care of your komfies, the more your komfies will take care of you.

Your feet are going to love these.

Super cosy and exceptionally comfortable, the kuddly™ komfies are a unique pair of slippers. With the ability to provide you with a boost of comforting heat for 30 minutes when you heat up the clay inserts within the microwave, your feet will thank you everytime you place them within a pair of kuddly™ komfies.
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Get 60% Off Today! 21 people  are looking at this item.
Get 60% Off Today! 21 people  are looking at this item.