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How Do I Heat My Komfies? 

Step 1: 
Unzip the heatable inserts from the kuddly™ komfies.
Step 2: 
Place the heatable inserts in the microwave and heat them up for a max of 30 seconds.
Step 3: 
Once heated up, simply place the inserts back into your komfies and enjoy the extra warmth for 30 minutes.

Why kuddly Komfies? 

Bottoms keep you from slipping or sliding
Free Delivery
24 Hours Handling Time
100% Cosy Guarantee
Comes with a 7 day money back guarantee
I had to leave a review to say how happy I am as my Kudd.ly parcels have arrived all safe and sound. Packed beautifully and all the correct sizes, colours and amount. Everything I had ordered is in them and I am currently sitting in my lounge feeling excited to be opening my parcel of Kudd.ly goodies! The kloud sliders are fantastic and so are the komfies! Both hoodie blankets are so soft and I have just put them on a quick wash so they don’t smell new! Once again I am completely amazed at the quality of the products, everything is well made, just perfect and are fantastic value for money, you can buy something for everyone!! Thank you so much such excellent customer support and service. I highly recommend Kudd.ly!”
- Anette Lewens Verified Buyer
"Perfect gift for my daughter
My daughter kept complaining about cold feet when she was studying. So, when I saw an ad for these komfie slippers, I just had to buy them for her stocking. It was a bit of an impulsive decision but it totally paid off. She LOVES them! Wears them every day! Its impossible holiday shopping for teenagers so thank you for making it easy!"
-Carrie Anne Buchanan Verified Buyer
"Komfies are AMAZING"
As a diabetic my feet are ALWAYS COLD. I swear I can never get them warm in the winter. When I tell you these slipper booties changed my life I MEAN IT!! A quick pop in the microwave and my toes are toasty. THANK YOU KUDDLY!”
-April Newman Verified Buyer
2 Pairs For £45
Includes FREE Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the kuddly Komfies made of?
What if I overheat my kuddly Komfies?
I don’t own a microwave. Can I heat the inserts in the oven?
How long do the kuddly Komfies stay warm?
How do I wash my Komfies?
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