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Key Features

4 cm thick, supportive midsole
Great for indoors and outdoors
Looks stunning with every casual outfit
Crafted with CUSHIONsoft™, sustainable EVA materials for optimal comfort
Anti-wick, water-resistant, and anti-slip sole
Shipped with free delivery
30-day trial with our 30-day money-back guarantee

Choose from 5 shoe sizes ranging from XS-XL (equivalent to sizes 3-10 including half sizes).

“I have four pairs because I can’t decide on which colour is my fav. I wear them pretty much everyday at the moment. They are unbelievably comfy & I’m constantly finding an excuse to wear them with every outfit. Honestly, I love them. "
Ashley Saunders | United Kingdom
Popular and fashionable
Easy to wear with every outfit, our popular Kloud Slides are the most Instagrammable footwear this season.
Ultra-cushioned comfort and support
Crafted with an extremely supportive 4.5 cm thick midsole that absorbs impact so your heels and knees don’t have to.
Waterproof and anti-slip

100% water-resistant with an anti-slip sole, these sliders were made for walking the beach, pool deck, and shower.
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The Slider Re-Defined

All Kloud Sliders are constructed with EVA, CUSHIONsoft™ materials that mould to the shape of your foot, giving you the perfect cushion comfort for your feet. Built with anti-wick, water-resistant, and non-slip properties, you’ll feel completely secure wearing your Kloud Sliders without the worry of ever slipping.
Our slides come in sizes ranging from XS-XL which is the equivalent to 3-10 shoe sizes (including half sizes).
4 cm thick midsole
Available in 6 colours
Keeping your kudd.ly™ Kloud Sliders looking brand new is super easy.
  • The sand from the beach or the dirt from the yard comes off with a simple wipe of a cloth.
  • Leave them to air dry in a shaded area.
Remember, the more you take care of your Kloud Sliders, the more your Kloud Sliders will take care of you.

Ready to have what everyone else wants?

Engineered with CushionSoft™ EVA for the ultimate comfort, our sliders are the most popular footwear to hit beaches, pools, and parks this season. You can style them with all your outfits or just chill at home in them. Either way, people are going to be jealous you have them and they don’t!
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Get 60% Off Today! 21 people  are looking at this item.
Get 60% Off Today! 21 people  are looking at this item.