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Home / Collections / Therapeutic / Bamboo Bedding Set
Bamboo Bedding Set
Bamboo Bedding Set
Bamboo Bedding Set
Bamboo Bedding Set
Bamboo Bedding Set
Home / Collections / Therapeutic / Bamboo Bedding Set

Bamboo Bedding Set

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  • Antibacterial and hypoallergenic - no more allergies
  • Temperature regulating - no more night sweats
  • For sensitive skin - no more breakouts
  • Feels like silk - no more hair frizz or bed-head
  • Machine washable - easy to maintain
  • Made from renewable, 100% bamboo fabric
  • Available in 2 colours: Grey/White
  • Fitted Sheet Double: 55x75x12”/ 140x190x30cm
  • Fitted Sheets King: 59x79x12” / 150x200x30cm
  • (2) x Pillowcases: 20x30”/ 50x75cm
  • Made from renewable, 100% bamboo fabric
  • Available in two colours: white and light grey
  • Your Koala Bamboo Sheet Set is easy to care for
  • Place it in the washing machine with a gentle detergent
  • Make sure to use a gentle cycle with cold water
  • Do not bleach
  • Air or tumble dry
  • Once dry, place them back on the bed and enjoy a deep, restorative sleep.

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Our 100% bamboo bed sheets with temperature regulating properties to keep you at the perfect sleep temperature throughout the night.

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What Our Customers Have To Say...

Very nice to sleep on.

This sheet set is amazing! Since I've been using it, I have slept much better (I use a sleep monitor) and hardly wake up at all in the night. With my "cheap" old bedding, my body couldn't figure out if it was too hot or too cold, but the Kalm sheets keep me feeling comfortably warm all night. I only bought one set and wish I bought two because I'm currently sleeping on cotton as the Kalm sheets are in the wash. Honestly, love them. Highly recommend.

Peyton G., Verified buyer

Elegant, heavenly, and luxurious

I just absolutely love this sheet set. It comes with 2 pillow cases,and a fitted sheet. It feels like heaven to sleep in.

They are extremely silky yet not slippery, they are warm but not heavy, the texture feels lovely on the skin and they look very elegant.. I highly recommend.

Brooke F., Verified buyer

Best Sleep Ever

After buying the Kalm 100% bamboo sheet set and being really pleased with the quality and softness, I bought their weighted blanket as well. I would highly recommend this brand, which I had no idea existed until recently, as their quality is superb and their delivery is super quick. I have recommended it to various friends and can't recommend these sheets enough.

William H., Verified buyer

Temperature Regulating
So hot sleepers can stay cool even on sweaty summer nights.
Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial for a healthy, cosy sleep.
kalm therapy, kuddly comfort
What do you get when you combine premium therapeutic design with cosy craftsmanship? Our unique koala by kuddly line!

It’s bamboo, baby!

Item Image

It’s bamboo, baby!

Why would anyone settle for ordinary bed sheets when they could have the extraordinary restorative benefits of bamboo? Our bed sheets can heal and maintain skin and respiratory health. They’re perfect for hot sleepers and anyone with allergies. If you want a durable, renewable alternative to traditional bedding, you’ve found it!

  • Skin soothing
  • Renewable
  • Ultra-soft
  • All season comfort
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  • Skin soothing
  • Renewable
  • Ultra-soft
  • All season comfort
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Bamboo for the planet

Our sheet set is crafted with 300 thread count bamboo, one of the most renewable plant resources on the planet! Bamboo forests can grow faster than any other type of tree and they are one of the biggest consumers of atmospheric CO2.
So you can rest easy in your cosy bed knowing you’re making a good choice for the planet!

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Your skin will love this

Our bamboo material is so soft, your skin will sing! It’s great for soothing irritation, preventing night sweats, and healing body acne. Whatever your concern is, we’re willing to bet our ultrasoft, breathable Bamboo Bed Sheets will help!

Koala Bamboo Sheet Set Key Features


Chill out, hot sleepers

Enjoy cooling bamboo for breathable comfort during those warmer nights. Bamboo is a renewable, eco-friendly material that is naturally hypoallergenic and thermoregulating. So you can stay cool and cosy on even the hottest nights.

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Breathe easy

Bamboo fibres are naturally hypoallergenic. They resist bacteria, meaning they will stay fresh and clean for longer than alternatives. Their amazing antimicrobial properties will help keep your sinuses clear and your respiratory system healthy while you sleep!

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kuddly quality

Bamboo is one of the most durable fibres on the planet. Not only does it last longer but the fibres soften with age! So while traditional sheets would need replacing, your bamboo sheets will just keep getting softer and softer.

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Will my sheets shrink with washing?

Our sheets will last a decent amount of time, especially if the correct cleaning procedure is followed. To avoid shrinkage or any other inconveniences, we recommend washing with cold water on a gentle cycle. Avoid bleaching, and either air dry or tumble dry.

What if I don’t like the Kalm Bamboo Sheets?

Kalmkoala™ offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you’re unhappy with your purchase, feel free to send it back!

I have sensitive skin, is this bedsheet good for me?

Absolutely! The Kalm Bamboo Bedding Sheets are made with 100% eco-friendly and hypoallergenic bamboo fabric. The material feels just like silk, but with the satisfaction of being a renewable resource and being gentle on sensitive skin.

I get sweaty at night. I’m worried if the sheets will be constantly damp?

Our Kalm Bamboo Bedding Sheets are engineered to regulate body temperature. This means that you won’t have to worry about waking up in a pool of sweat because the fabric will disperse the heat from your body throughout the sheets. This means a nice and cosy sleep, all night.

Are the sheets available in more colours?

Currently, our Kalm Bamboo Bedding Sheets are available in grey or white. While we are open to expanding, there are no active plans at the moment to include more colours.

Can I iron my bamboo bedding set?

Yes, you can iron our bamboo sheets but – WARNING – not on a hot setting or you’ll cause damage to the fabric. So, if you need to iron them, we recommend the lightest heat option possible. If you have a steam iron, streaming is definitely the most gentle and effective option.

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