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Komfies Heated Slippers

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  • Removable and heatable clay inserts stay warm for 30 minutes
  • Heat helps improve circulation and muscle relaxation in feet
  • Helps provide relief for chronic pain and arthritic flare-ups caused by the cold
  • Ultra-soft 280 GSM Plush interior and exterior
  • Non-slip soles
  • Available in 2 sizes & colours
  • All komfies are made with super-soft 280 GSM Plush
  • They come equipped with an insert filled with all-natural clay beads that can be heated up in the microwave for instant and long-lasting warmth
  • The bottom sole is made of 100% polyester with anti-slip silicone dots
  • Taking care of your komfies is super easy!
  • Simply remove the heat pack (DO NOT wash the heat pack) and toss your komfies into the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle.
  • Do not wash your komfies at a temperature higher than 30 degrees celsius.
  • Make sure to use a gentle detergent.
  • Your komfies love to be air-dried flat, but can also drip dry on a line.
  • Remember, the more you take care of your komfies, the more your komfies will take care of you!


Our ultra comfy and cosy heatable slippers, made to soothe foot aches while keeping your feet warm.  Available in 2 sizes and colours.


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What Our Customers Have To Say...

💖I love Kuddly!💖

I wear a whole Kuddly uniform during school season to help me stay focussed and avoid seasonal depression. Giant hoodie ✅ Weighted blanket ✅ Sliders in the dorm showers ✅ and now I just got my Komfie slippers and Im officially obsessed!!! This might be my favourite kuddly product yet!!

Miriam C. Verified buyer

Komfie Slippers

Bought these for my daughters and the only problem is they fight over who gets the pink pair. :\
**UPDATE** I reached out to Kuddly customer service after writing this review and they offered to exchange for another pink pair! I LOVE KUDDLY!!!

Polly B. Verified buyer

An impulse buy i actually dont regret

To be honest this was a total impulse buy. I saw a FB ad and since i always have cold feet i thought, why not. Usually i have major buyers remorse but i actually get so much use out of these komfies and it isnt even winter yet. As soon as i took them out of the packaging and felt how soft they were, i was so happy with them. A great buy, worth every penny because they make every day more cosy.

Dennis S. Verified buyer

30 minutes of therapeutic heat
Microwave the heatable inserts for extra therapeutic comfort.
Comfortable to Wear All-Day
Anti-slip and ultra-comfy slippers to keep your feet comfortable and warm throughout your whole day.
7-day money-back guarantee
Maybe you’re the type who loves cold feet. We don’t judge. Just send your komfies back within 7 days and we’ll refund your money to you.
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Treat your feet to the ultimate comfort this winter

Komfies are the softest and most convenient heatable slippers you’ll ever wear! Say goodbye to frigid feet, cold-induced foot pain, and poor circulation—with these slippers, your toes will stay toasty and happy all day.

  • Helps relieve cold-induced arthritic flare ups
  • Helps to improve circulation and relax muscles
  • Ultra-soft plush material
  • Non-slip soles for all-day wear
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  • Helps relieve cold-induced arthritic flare ups
  • Helps to improve circulation and relax muscles
  • Ultra-soft plush material
  • Non-slip soles for all-day wear
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A Must-Have For Your At-Home Routine

Whether you’re working from home, studying, or making dinner for the family, your Komfies will help you unwind and focus on what matters. When it starts to get nippy outside, just slip them on and you’ll be instantly transported to a plush, warm blissdom.


When your feet are cold, your body has to work harder to keep itself warm. Wearing these slippers not only keeps you cosy, but it also helps your body fight off chronic pain and illnesses. Warm feet, improved circulation, and immune system support? Komfies Slippers have got you covered!


Say “Ta-Ta” to Cold Toes

Slip your feet into a pair of our Komfies and you’ll never suffer from cold toes again. Wear them as regular cosy slippers, or heat up the removable insert and enjoy extra warmth for 30 minutes.

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The Perfect Gift for Anyone with Feet

Everyone knows someone who suffers from perpetually cold feet. Give your loved one the gift of cosy warmth (and yourself the gift of never having to listen to them complain about it again).

And since you know you’ll be jealous watching them lounge around in their Komfies all day, be sure to grab a pair for yourself, too!

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Here’s How They Work

Step 1: Unzip and remove the inserts.

Step 2: Place the inserts in the microwave on a medium power level for up to 60 seconds.

Step 3: If you’d like them warmer, heat up for a further 30 seconds and repeat in small increments if necessary.

Step 4: Once heated, place the inserts back into your Komfies.

Step 5: Enjoy the blissful feeling of warm feet.

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How do I heat my Komfies?

Please follow these instructions carefully, as overheating or inappropriate use may result in a fire:

To heat in a microwave oven: lay flat on a turntable and heat for 1 minute on high (over 600 watt ovens).

If not hot enough, heat for a further minute. Repeat in small increments until desired temperature is reached.

Do not attempt to heat in an electric or gas conventional oven!

After prolonged use over a long period of time, or if the heat pack becomes frayed, then the pack may need to be replaced.  Depending on usage, a pack should last for approximately one year.

Do not reuse a pack that has an overcooked or burnt odour.

Check that the temperature is comfortable before use and avoid contact with sensitive skin.

Do not use on infants or anyone sleeping. Keep contents away from children.

If the pack gets wet, allow it to dry completely before use. Do not reheat until completely cold.

Leave to cool on a non-combustible surface after use and before storage. Repair immediately, or discard, if stitching comes undone.

How do I wash my Komfies?

Please note that you need to remove the inserts before washing your komfies.  The rest is easy: your komfies can be washed in a washing machine.

Dry completely on a flat surface or drip dry on a line before use.

I don’t have a microwave. Can I heat the inserts in a conventional oven?

It is not recommended to heat your Komfies in a conventional over as internal oven temperatures can vary greatly.

It is perfectly safe to heat the insert in a microwave having a maximum power of 600 watts.

How often can I heat the insert?

The inserts have been designed and manufactured to last. Make sure to always follow the heating guide and allow the product to cool fully between uses.

What if I overheat my Komfies?

Every pair comes with heating instructions attached to a label sewn into the product. These instructions should be followed very carefully.

If your Komfies have been overheated by mistake, you should dispose of the inserts in a normal household waste bin after allowing it to cool to room temperature.

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