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Lavender Essential Oil

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  • 100% toxin and chemical-free
  • BPA-free glass bottles
  • Induces full-body relaxation
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Soothes muscles
  • Calms nervous system
  • 10 ml or 200 drops
  • Your Kalm Essential Oils are easy to care for.
  • Store oils in a cool, dark place
  • To use, fill up the water reservoir to the fill line
  • Add 20-25 drops of Kalmkoala 100% pure essential oils
  • Put the plastic cap and ceramic cover back on
  • Select your time setting and enjoy
  • Shelf life is 14 months.
  • Designed for use with the Kalm Essential Oil Diffuser.

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What Our Customers Have To Say...


I swear I have slept like a baby ever since using this Kalmkoala diffuser. The Lavender Oil on its own is amazing, and if you want to supercharge your benefits, try the blends that have lavender in them (my favourite is Calm). After YEARS of nightmares, insomnia, and anxious thoughts keeping me up at night, this diffuser literally saved my sleep. I set it for eight hours about one hour before bed and by the time I wake up, it’s empty and I can replace it with Refreshing. Its truly amazing. I love my essential oils!

Christina Penn Verified buyer

Ahhhh lavender

I’m already a huge fan of lavender oil, but this particular lavender oil is the best I’ve ever tried. It smells better than my amazon ones. Not sure how it’s possible but I think it’s probably just sourced from better places!

Christian Dykstra Verified buyer

Its called essential oil for a reason!

This stuff rocks. My girlfriend loves is, she used to have lots of nerves after work but since I started using this, shes in a way better mood at home. Really wonderful stuff. Thanks, kalmkoala!

Hunter Smythe Verified buyer

Scents with Benefits
Relax your muscles, calm your nervous system, and improve your sleep with this oil.
100% Natural
Breathe easy! Our oils are completely toxin and chemical-free.
Customisable Scents
Get a blend as unique as you are with our single oils.



Unleash the power of scent

Scent is your most powerful sense, yet it’s often the most overlooked.

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For that boost of mental clarity when you need it.

Our Kalmkoala Essential Oils were designed to help you fill your home with blissful aromas while also offering wellness benefits to help you reach your goals and live more comfortably.

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The power of lavender
Fall into the deepest slumber you’ve ever experienced.
Relaxed muscles
Enjoy full-body relaxation.
Calmer nervous system
Overcome nerves and anxious energy.

You’re unique, your oil blend should be too

Create your own blend or enjoy an ultra-concentrated dose with our line of premium 100% pure single essential oils.

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Our blends


Are the oil blends good for allergies?

Absolutely! Use Breathe Easy to help ease congestion and Calm to help you get to sleep.

If you prefer single oils to blends, try Peppermint and Eucalyptus.

Can I use more than one scent in my home at a time or will that cause confusion?

You absolutely can use multiple diffusers simultaneously in different rooms of your house. In fact, the Kalmkoala oil blends were designed to be gentle and not overpowering. This way, users can create different atmospheres for different rooms in their home.

What if I don’t like the scent?

If you’re unhappy with the smell of your oil, don’t worry! Simply turn off your Kalm Diffuser and empty the reservoir into the sink. The scent should dissipate within a few hours.

Will you come out with more blends?

At the moment, we don’t have any new blends in development. But our team is constantly researching new ways to bring comfort into the homes of our customers! If you want to stay up to date on new product launches, follow us on Instagram.

Can you mix the oil blends?

Our blends were designed and manufactured by experts for optimal benefits, so mixing at home could weaken the effects.

If you’d like to mix and match, we recommend buying our single oils rather than the blends.

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