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The Cosy Companions Bundle

Reg. £129
Save:    £70.00

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Roses are red, violets are blue, wrap yourself in warmth, it's just for you!

Snuggle in a hoodie, slip into heated delight, our bundle's a steal at £59, pure comfort outright! 🌹💖
Limited stock, so don't miss this chance, cosiness and savings in every glance! ✨

Over 300,000+ Happy Kuddlers

What Our Customers Have To Say...

A fantastic product

An impulse buy i actually dont regret

To be honest this was a total impulse buy. I saw a FB ad and since i always have cold feet i thought, why not. Usually i have major buyers remorse but i actually get so much use out of these komfies and it isnt even winter yet. As soon as i took them out of the packaging and felt how soft they were, i was so happy with them. A great buy, worth every penny because they make every day more cosy.

Dennis S Verified buyer

Comfort like never before

I brought two Kuddly hooded blankets, while they were on sale after deeply deliberating between this and the Oodie. They came so quickly and I was truly amazed at their quality. I'm a plus size lady and they fit me wonderfully

Vielta W Verified buyer

Komfie Slippers

Bought these for my daughters and the only problem is they fight over who gets the pink pair. :\
**UPDATE** I reached out to Kuddly customer service after writing this review and they offered to exchange for another pink pair! I LOVE KUDDLY!!!

Polly B. Verified buyer

Comfortable to Wear All-Day
Anti-slip and ultra-comfy slippers to keep your feet comfortable and warm throughout your whole day.
Free Delivery
This one’s on us. Delivered straight from our UK warehouse.
30 minutes of therapeutic heat
Microwave the heatable inserts for extra therapeutic comfort.


How do I heat my Komfies?

Please follow these instructions carefully, as overheating or inappropriate use may result in a fire:

To heat in a microwave oven: lay flat on a turntable and heat for 1 minute on high (over 600 watt ovens).

If not hot enough, heat for a further minute. Repeat in small increments until desired temperature is reached.

Do not attempt to heat in an electric or gas conventional oven!

After prolonged use over a long period of time, or if the heat pack becomes frayed, then the pack may need to be replaced.  Depending on usage, a pack should last for approximately one year.

Do not reuse a pack that has an overcooked or burnt odour.

Check that the temperature is comfortable before use and avoid contact with sensitive skin.

Do not use on infants or anyone sleeping. Keep contents away from children.

If the pack gets wet, allow it to dry completely before use. Do not reheat until completely cold.

Leave to cool on a non-combustible surface after use and before storage. Repair immediately, or discard, if stitching comes undone.

Are the Hoodie Blankets machine washable?

Most definitely. Washing your hoodie is as easy as washing it by hand or tossing it into the washing machine on the gentle cycle. To dry, simply air it naturally or tumble dry on low. To keep your hoodie in the best condition, never iron it and always keep it away from fire. To learn more about keeping your hoodie blanket in the best condition, be sure to read our quick guide here.

How do I wash my Komfies?

Please note that you need to remove the inserts before washing your komfies.  The rest is easy: your komfies can be washed in a washing machine.

Dry completely on a flat surface or drip dry on a line before use.

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