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Dog in weighted blanket
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Coming Soon: Stress-Relieving Weighted Blanket Bed for Dogs

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  • Plug-in stress-relieving weighted blanket bed for dogs
  • Dispenses breed-specific odourless & colourless pheromones
  • Nest-shaped design with a supportive cushion
  • Rechargeable built-in speaker that can play music
  • Free downloadable Spotify playlist to help calm your pooch
  • Ultra-soft, breathable MicroCool™ Fleece for maximum cosiness
  • Cosy, ultra-soft temperature-regulating MicroCoo Fleece dog weighted blanket
  • The perfect weight (1-2 kgs) with anti-rustle, hypoallergenic glass micro-sand beads for dogs of all sizes
  • No ties for a completely worry-free, snag-free and all-in-one dog weighted blanket bed
  • Bed cushion designed with a 100% cotton outer covering
  • Available colours: Black, Navy, Dark Grey
  • Available sizes: 24"x24” or 36"x36”
  • Place in the washing machine on a gentle cycle
  • Use cold water at a maximum of 30 degrees celsius
  • Be sure to use a gentle detergent
  • We best recommend air-drying this blanket bed, but it can be tumble dried if needed

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Free downloadable Spotify playlist to help calm your dog

The above free playlist is full of songs specifically curated for dogs! Our stress-relieving dog bed comes with a built-in rechargeable speaker which you can play calming dog music from to reduce the stress levels of your furry friend. This combined with our stress-relieving dog bed with a built-in pheromone spray will help to instantly soothe your pooch.

By communicating with your dog through pheromones, you can help to keep them calm and alleviate their anxiety.
Built-in rechargeable speaker
Simply connect your phone and soothe their stress away with tail-wagging tunes.
Designed for every dog
Our dog weighted blanket offers the perfect weight (1-2 kgs) for dogs of all sizes.

Match your dog, improve your sleep and reduce your own stress levels with our weighted blankets for humans. Shop the kudd.ly weighted blanket collection today!


When will this product be launching?

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Are weighted blankets good for dogs?

Yes, they absolutely are. Just like us, dogs can experience anxiety and struggle with sleeping, making our pheromone-infused dog weighted blanket bed a stress-free solution for your four-legged friend. Your dog will love how our weighted blanket makes them feel safe, secure and snug.

Can dogs sleep under weighted blankets?

Yes, as long as they are designed for dogs like ours is. We offer two sizes and two weights to suit dogs of all sizes.

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