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Why Kuddly Is UK's Top Weighted Blanket?

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Michelle Campbell Recommends Kudd.ly Blanket
Absolutely fantastic customer service, all my queries were answered promptly and in detail with no pressure to buy the blanket. Once ordered we received the blanket quickly and is really good quality. My daughter who has autism and anxiety absolutely loves her blanket and was so happy when she fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep all night for the first time in months having used the blanket for the first time.
I just can’t believe we waited this long to get one.. amazing!
Claire Dawes Recommends Kudd.ly Blanket
Quality of blanket is high, it's soft as kittens and comfortably weighted. Has improved my sleep dramatically. Very comfortable against the skin. Highly recommended!
Emma Gormley Recommends Kudd.ly Blanket
Lovely blanket come today I’m hoping for a good nights sleep great Customer service great value for money fingers crossed I sleep better tonight
Leah Jeffreys Recommends Kudd.ly Blanket
What an amazingly positive transaction from start to finish! Excellent customer service, super fast delivery, and with the special offer the price was a bargain. l have a weighted blanket already and knew how fabulous they are for calming and relaxation, but these are even better! the weighted inside is stitched inside the soft cover so it will always stay evenly weighted, and the inside will never roll down into an awkward lump. Absolutely love my blanket! So much that l have ordered 2 more!
Amelia Johnson Recommends Kudd.ly Blanket
Fab service, easy ordering quick delivery. Blanket is comforting & so soft. I’d definitely buy another one for my daughter! 🤗🌈👍🏻
Miss Binyon Recommends Kudd.ly Blanket
Excellent product, blanket arrived in 48 hrs and is exactly what we wanted.
Babs Pickard Recommends Kudd.ly Blanket
Fantastic customer service, received my blanket next day. It’s is well named,the blanket is really cuddly and soft. The biggest problem is I bought it for myself, but my two sons keep trying to steal it. I think I’m going to have to order some more. The blue is a lovely colour and I use it over my duvet. It is very warm, so if it is a hot night, you would only need a sheet under it. I have suffered from insomnia for years. The first night I used it I was asleep within 10 minutes. Would highly recommend, it is very high quality.
Dannii Orange Boxall Recommends Kudd.ly Blanket
This blanket is an absolute life saver for both my son and I. My son has always struggled with getting to sleep and staying asleep but this blanket has reduced it remarkably. It also relaxes him when he's feeling overwhelmed which is so helpful for him. I also love mine, which seems to stop me from fidgeting when I sleep. It would be great to be able to have a cover to wash separately, but you can put it in the washing machine which is helpful. All in all, it's fab.


1. Calms the central nervous system

The Kudd.ly Weighted Blanket provides just enough pressure to put your nervous system into a “rest” state, providing an overall sense of calm.

2. Relieves Stress

While laying under the Kudd.ly Weighted Blanket, the deep pressure touch helps put your mind at ease by reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress.

3. Improves Sleep

The way a Kudd.ly Weighted Blanket mimics the feeling of a hug, it calms your mind and provides you with more quality sleep by helping you sleep quicker and sleep longer.

4. Provides A Sense Of Security

That hug feeling the Kudd.ly Weighted provides gives you a sense of security, making you feel more comfortable and worry free.

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Kuddly Specifications & Features

Kuddly is perfect for anywhere in the house. It is 48x78” in dimension and weighs approximately 5 kg.

Choose from Grey or Blue or get one of each, it will match perfect.

The weight in a Kuddly comes from tiny, round, BPA free, non-toxic glass beads.

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