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Our kuddly Kloud Sliders

Comfort for the Soles

Slip your feet into the kuddly Kloud Sliders and feel the aches and pains of being on your feet all day just melt away. These ultra-comfortable slippers are made to make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. So much so, people call them heaven.  
Best purchase I have ever made. So comfortable theyre great for standing for long periods of time.
Annie B.

Soothe sore feet

At the end of the day, when your feet are aching from being on them all day, cushion your soles with the kuddly Kloud Sliders and relieve yourself of the aches and pains from everyday wear and tear.

Whether you suffer from arthritis, bunions, fasciitis, or you just want your feet to feel relief, the kuddly Kloud Sliders will make your other footwear jealous.  

All-day comfort

If your feet are tired of your everyday footwear, the kuddly kloud sliders are there to help. Wear our sliders all-day and there will be no need to switch shoes due to sweaty and uncomfortable feet.

Combining comfortability and versatility, the kuddly Kloud Sliders are made to be worn anywhere you go. Wear yours around the house, doing errands, relaxing at the beach, and even in the shower. 

“These are the most comfortable sliders you'll ever own, it really feels like you are walking on clouds!”
Michelle K.

Ease joint pain

Designed to offer the perfect balance of pressure from your feet to your hips, once you slip your feet into them, the™ Kloud Sliders give you instant pain relief. 

Waterproof & easy to care for

The™ Kloud Sliders are water-resistant and anti-slip, meaning you can wear them at the beach, near the pool, and in the rain. And when you want to wear them in the house, their anti wick EVA material makes cleaning the™ Kloud Sliders super simple

Lightweight, optimal support

The™ Kloud sliders are slippers made with the thickest midsole you can find to give your feet full comfort and support with every step. Super lightweight, you won’t even know you’re wearing them. 

The Thickest Sole You Can Find

Built with 4.5cm thick, patent-pending, CUSHIONsoft™ materials that are anti-slip and anti-chafe so your feet don’t endure needless sores and blisters, your feet will thank you for treating them with such cushioning comfort a pair of kuddly Kloud Sliders offers.

These are the thickest soles you will ever find on a pair of sliders, meaning our kloud sliders offer the best support.  

Feel supported and safe

You won’t ever have to worry about slipping or falling because our Kloud Sliders have non-slip soles.

They’re built to be extra sturdy with their precise contours; so much so, that they’re safer to wear than most other sliders.  

A variety of colors

Currently you can own a pair of our kuddly Kloud Sliders in nine different colours. A classic black or grey. A bright summer orange or yellow. Or a neutral tan. Our Kloud Sliders colours are so fun and vibrant, some of our customers have a hard time choosing, and so they collect them all.    

Shipped from Close to Home

As a small Uk based company, we’re thankful for all the local support. We love giving our fellow Britons that cosy, comforting feeling.

All of our Kloud Sliders are shipped from our warehouse in the UK, meaning we have some of the fastest delivery times. In fact, we’re the only brand caring sliders that dispatches from the UK. 

Available in all sizes

No matter what size foot you have, we’ve got you covered. Our kuddly Kloud Sliders are available in sizes 3 to 10 and we also include half sizes. 


100% Cosy Comfort Guaranteed!

We’re so confident you’ll love your new™ Kloud Sliders, that with our no hassle, 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try a pair completely risk free. 

Kloud Sliders

Slide your feet into heaven and experience walking on ☁️ clouds all day, every day.

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