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Take your yoga to the next level – you need a weighted blanket

Take your yoga practice to a whole new level of relaxation by adding a weighted blanket to your routine!

In recent years, weighted blankets are more popular than ever. People are more aware of the weighted blanket’s many benefits. Like yoga, weighted blankets are used to help de-stress and calm the mind. They both offer the perfect combination of relaxation and restoration.

The invention of blanket yoga

By combining the two, one yoga instructor developed blanket yoga, otherwise known as Kambal.

Kambal comes from the Hindi language and means a blanket or shawl made of coarse wool. Kambal yoga uses blankets as props to deepen the relaxing and restorative effects yoga produces.

Add a kuddly blanket to your yoga routine and take it to the next level. Kuddly blankets are luxuriously soft. They’re weighted by ultra-silent, micro sand glass beads secured within their folds of fabric to produce a hefty, yet comforting, added weight.

Increase your yoga relaxation and feel happier

Weighted blankets provide what is known as deep pressure stimulation. This specific touch places gentle pressure around the body and calms the nervous system while increasing the release of happy hormones. Essentially, weighted blankets use deep pressure stimulation to produce an overall sense of calm and wellbeing by relaxing muscles, slowing the heart rate, and improving circulation.

Get more out of savasana

Savasana, or the corpse pose, is a pose for total relaxation. It is one of the most basic poses of restorative yoga, and therefore fundamental to any routine. Yet, it is one of the most challenging yoga positions to get right.

To perform the pose, you must lay flat on your back and relax each muscle group in turn. After which, you must focus on your breathing while emptying your mind of thoughts. Some find this task of relaxing their mind to be difficult, and so a weighted blanket is useful.

Weighted blankets help relax the mind and body, and so a kuddly weighted blanket can help take your savasana to the next level

Release tension and stress

By rolling up your weighted blanket and placing it under your feet, knees, thighs, and hips, you lessen the strain on these parts of the body. This allows for a more in-depth focus of the engaged muscle groups and intended breathing techniques.

The kuddly blanket is easy to transport and clean

Our kuddly blanket is a great addition to your yoga routine. It comes in a lovely durable travel bag. Additionally, the kuddly blanket is machine washable. So, if you have a super sweaty session, you can toss your kuddly blanket in the washing machine to keep it fresh.

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