The Most Comfortable Blanket in the World

Many of us compromise our comfort every day- whether it’s sleeping on a lumpy mattress, sitting at uncomfortable workstations, or slouching into a settee with no support. You can improve your comfort level, sleeping or awake when you snuggle up with the world’s most comfortable weighted blanket today!

The Weighted Blanket offers individuals a therapeutic tool that can help achieve a deeper level of relaxation for both body and mind. It weighs 5kg and is specifically designed to feel like a warm embrace. Thousands of people across the UK have turned to ease pain and alleviate anxiety and stress for both daytime and nighttime use.

Why not try out the most comfortable blanket risk-free today! If you place your order before 8 PM, you’ll receive your the following day. And if you are not impressed by the luxurious and comforting feeling of this weighted blanket, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee!

What Makes So Comforting?

The weighted blanket uses something called deep touch pressure to calm the nervous system and reduce physiological arousal to produce an all-over sense of tranquillity. This pressure stimulation aids individuals in achieving a deeper level of relaxation, easing away tension from the body, and reducing those anxious thoughts.

The Comforts of include:

Where Individuals Use

A Word From Our Team

The members of our team understand that comfort is key to a happy and healthy life, but it can be hard to achieve with hectic lifestyles. Overstimulation reduces an individual’s ability to feel calm, collected, and comfortable in their day to day living and sleeping. It is our company’s goal to provide individuals with a tool that can help them shut off from the world, and feel fully relaxed wrapped in plush folds of velvety fabric.

We want our customers to find solace in as soon as possible, that’s why we offer FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY! Order before 8 PM, and you can take refuge in this comforting weighted blanket in less than 24 hours. If you don’t agree with us that this is the most comfortable blanket currently available, you can return your purchase to us for a full, no-hassle, refund!

1000's Of Happy Customers, And Growing!

[Kuddly] has to be one of my favourite items EVER, my husband even asked if I wanted to marry it. I suffer with severe anxiety and this really helps with my mental health, it also makes me feel safe and secure. My mum said it feels like a cuddle.


The first night of using my blanket. What a difference it has made immediately. I fell asleep comfortably and woke up naturally, which is amazing for me because sleep doesn't come easy for me. For myself, even the pain I wake up in has reduced.


It is the softest blanket I have ever owned. I use this blanket over night and my sleep has really improved so far. This blanket is designed to calm the central nervous system, relieve stress, improve sleep and provide a sense of security. I can honestly say this blanket does not disappoint. I wish I had invested in one earlier.


A Special Voucher for Our Customers

Many of our customers order more than one blanket so we have created a Special Voucher depending on how many you would like for your family. With the Voucher HUGS you will save £15 plus received FREE next day (on all orders processed before 8pm).

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Order Now & Save £15

Order Now & Save £15