Nothing beats an after work or weekend TV binge session. Just you, the sofa, a blanket and your fave series.

But wait, there’s a new blanket in millions of households in the USA that has made it across the pond …and people are going crazy for it!

Did we mention it weighs 5 kilograms and mimics the feeling of a warm cosy hug?

It was Initially created to help people with anxiety, depression, sensory disorders, autism, and restless leg syndrome but in reality everyone can benefit from the positive effects these blankets offer. blankets work much like a hug does, as the pressure and warmth spread throughout the body, the stress and anxiety seep away. 

One reviewer who had never before tried out a weighted blanket raved about’s effects saying, “I’ve never felt a weighted blanket before and I am so in love with this one. Just wrapping it around me feels amazing. I feel secure and cosy”. With a dimension of 48×78”, these blankets are a great size to cocoon oneself in, with a hot cuppa in one hand, and the remote in the other. Or share your blanket with another, feel doubly secure, and take your Netflix and chill game to a whole new level.

It Also Looks Great On Any Sofa

There is something to be said about the look of a warm blanket hung on the back of the settee that screams at you to dive in, kick your feet up, and relax for a while. Besides the cosy, inviting feeling emanating from these blankets they go with an array of decorative vibes and interior styles to match any living room. No need to put this blanket away between uses as it looks as high-quality as it feels. blankets bring a splash of colour available in grey or blue and a sophisticated look and feel to your living space, draped on the back of your settee in or in your favourite recliner, ready and waiting for you.

Super Luxury Soft

The super soft outter material caresses the user. At the same time, the evenly distributed 5 Kilograms of weight places pressure around the body, instilling a sense of security in the user. If you have had an exceptionally long day at work, this is the feeling you want to come home to.

Here Is How Kuddly Works

The weight in the  supplies gentle, constant pressure to the body which mimics the feeling of a hug, similar to when a baby is swaddled. This deep pressure helps to calm the body and mind and improve overall relaxation and sleep.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"This weighted blanket has so many amazing factors starting from relieves stress, calms the central nervous system, provides a sense of security and improving sleep. It feels like your having a warm hug and let us be honest who doesn’t like to snuggle?"


"Absolutely love it! Didn't expect that an amazingly blanket 🤗👌🥰 the quality great, so soft! Highly recommended 👌👌🥰🥰🥰⚘⚘"


"The first night of using my blanket. What a difference it has made immediately. I fell asleep comfortably and woke up naturally, which is amazing for me because sleep doesn't come easy for me. For myself, even the pain I wake up in has reduced."


A Word From Our Team

 We know our Blanket will make a difference in your household and we can’t wait for you to try it. We love creating a company that helps others and at the same time provides us with income.

We want you to try as soon as possible so we offer FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY. Order today before 8pm, you will receive it tomorrow. This means a good night’s sleep is less than 24 hours away. And if it doesn’t work (we know it will!) you can return it, no questions asked!

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