The Perfect Easter Gift

Easter is a time for celebration, when families rejoice for the end of winter, the beginning of spring, and of course, feast on large, delicious chocolate Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. Such is the go-to gift for mums, dads, kids, grandparents, and friends. 

Thousands across the UK will take part in this joyous gift-giving, but what about doing something a little extra this spring season? Make this Easter a happy and bright one, when you give the gift of a Weighted Blanket. 

Here’s why weighted blankets make great gifts this glorious season…

A Gift That Doesn't Go Bad

As tasty and delectable as those large chocolate eggs are, kids and adults alike can gobble them up in seconds. Then wrappers and upset tummies are all that’s left behind. Or, they are left in the cupboard for months, forgotten, until they turn stale and white. No one likes a stale bunny! Avoid the mess, or the waste, and choose a gift this Easter that provides prolonged benefits rather than instant gratification.

The blanket is available in two vibrant colours, making it fun and festive too!

Everlasting Comfort

Easter is a time of rebirth, so why not offer your family the gift of revitalizing sleep. The weighted blanket was designed to improve sleep quality, as well as reduce anxiety, and relieve stress. When snuggly wrapped in the blanket, the gentle pressure soothes the nervous system, inducing an all-over sense of calm and relaxation. 

The heaviness of the blanket uses deep touch pressure to flood the body with these positive feelings. Every is made with high-quality fabric and durable stitching, ensuring this weighted blanket won’t sag or bunch like other products on the market. So everyone in the family can benefit from a good night’s sleep and improved wellbeing for years to come!  

Wrap yourself in the plush folds of velvety soft fabric- it’s truly a heavenly feeling. 

The Perfect Easter Gift

Our team at wanted to make a weighted blanket that was as accessible as possible, so all families across the UK could enjoy the blissful feeling of being cocooned in complete comfort. In the spirit of giving, is offering a limited BOGO sale this Easter season, meaning you can get two soothing blankets for one incredibly low price. 

Hop on over to the purchase page to take advantage of this great offer before it’s too late!

When you pay the regular price for 1 weighted blanket.  No Coupon Code Required.