Why Parents of Autistic Children are Buying Weighted Blankets

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.”

— Dalai Lama

As parents of Autistic Children, we know all about the various Behavioural Therapies, Pharmaceutical Interventions, Restrictive Diets, and expensive Supplements on the market. It’s overwhelming.

We are delighted that Weighted Blanket Success Stories are starting to appear in the Autism Awareness community.

“The more calm they are, the better they’ll respond to instruction & coaching. Now they’re in a better position to process information.”
              ~Behavioural Therapist

As we know, Occupational Therapists have been using weighted blankets for sensory disorders for decades. The foundation of the Weighted Blanket’s effectiveness comes from the “Sense of Calm” experienced by the wearer. Physiologically, “feel-good chemicals” (Oxytocin, Serotonin, etc.) are elevated in the body providing very Therapeutic Benefits.

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After 2 weeks with her weighted blanket, our 8 year old daughter seemed like a different person. She appeared relaxed & less anxious. The expression on her face was different. There was now a permanent grin where there was once a scowl (it was very slight, but it was there). She walked around as if there was a weight lifted from her shoulders.

“Using the Weighted Blanket seemed to ACTIVATE the effectiveness of the other Treatments & Therapy.”

Everything else got better from there.

  • Her behavioural therapy sessions became so much more productive.
  • She felt more at-ease around people.
  • And she even began to ignore the junk food that she had always craved.

Kudd.ly helped us understand that the foundation of Health & Happiness comes from a Place of Calm…for EVERYONE – our daughter, our family, and all of you!


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What Makes Kudd.ly So Comforting?

The Kudd.ly weighted blanket uses something called deep touch pressure to calm the nervous system and reduce physiological arousal to produce an all-over sense of tranquillity. This pressure stimulation aids individuals in achieving a deeper level of relaxation, easing away tension from the body, and reducing those anxious thoughts.

The Comforts of Kudd.ly include:

Where Individuals Use Kudd.ly:

Made By Passionate Founders That Care...

The members of our team understand that comfort is key to a happy and healthy life, but it can be hard to achieve with hectic lifestyles. Overstimulation reduces an individual’s ability to feel calm, collected, and comfortable in their day to day living and sleeping. It is our company’s goal to provide individuals with a tool that can help them shut off from the world, and feel fully relaxed wrapped in plush folds of velvety fabric.

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1 for £117 £49 | 2 for £235 £89
3 for £353 £129 | 4 for £471 £169
+ Includes Free Delivery