Frequently Asked Questions

Our™ Weighted Blanket is 5kg because after thoroughly testing weights, we found that people of all ages and weights love the comforting feeling of a 5kg weighted blanket. This weight triggers deep stimulation pressure and makes users feel calm and relaxed.

Yes, Our™ Weighted Blanket is machine washable. We recommend washing it on a cold, delicate cycle and hanging it to dry.

We recommend ages eight and up to use our™ Weighted Blanket. For younger children, using the blanket on their own can be a suffocation hazard.
We offer our™ in two colours, blue and grey, We do not plan on creating any new colours at this time, but suggestions are always welcome.
The™ blanket is 48x78” and fits on any size bed. It’s best for the blanket to cover you perfectly and comfortably rather than your bed.
The Kuddly Blanket is highly breathable and is made from super-soft fleece. You can comfortably wear it in the winter or summer. The cover is a low-pile, soft-touch synthetic fleece which is warm in winter and cool in summer. The glass bead filling is better for temperature regulation than cheaper plastic beads.
Our blanket works great for people who have symptoms of fibromyalgia. Read this article to learn more about the benefits of weighted blanket and fibromyalgia symptoms…
Due to the heaviness of the blanket, it is not recommended for use by individuals with breathing issues or those who have sleep apnea.
Weighted blankets work best when only one person uses it at a time. If two people are sleeping in the same bed, it is best to use two weighted blankets to achieve a better sleep.
The™ Weighted Blanket comes with a handy carrying case so it can be easily taken wherever you go.
No, our™ blanket is filled with BPA free glass beads sewn into individually stitched pockets in the blanket. This allows the beads to stay in place, therefore, decreasing any bunching and ensuring the highest quality cuddle.
We have a 30-day money-back guarantee program. If you find the blanket to be too heavy, and you do not like it, we take your blanket back for free! It generally takes a couple of nights to get used to the weight of the blanket, so give it a weeks before getting in touch with us.