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kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket

A well made weighted blanket at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.


  • Weighs 5kg
  • 48×78″ in dimension
  • BPA Free, Non-toxic, Tiny, Round Glass Beads
  • Machine Washable

Weighted Blankets Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune

Most brands will design, manufacture, and market their weighted blankets at unreasonable costs and end up having to sell at ridiculous prices.  We’ve put in the work and have done the research, designing, manufacturing, and marketing kudd.ly™ Weighted Blankets at a reasonable cost so we can sell a well-made weighted blanket at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

Evenly Distributed Weight

Our blankets are specifically designed to never bunch. Made with BPA-Free, hypoallergenic 1mm glass beads, quilted with reinforced stitching into individual pockets, the kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket is designed to evenly distribute 5kg across your body. The perfect weight, according to Psychology Today, for anxiety relief, relaxation, and sleep without excessive pressure or the generation of too much heat.

Premium Built for Accessibility and Ease

Our blanket is designed to be easy to care for and taken anywhere. 

Made with BPA-Free, non-toxic, tiny, round glass beads, and exceptionally soft and breathable patented Microcool fleece, the kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket is one of the only machine washable weighted blankets on the market. 

Being 48×78” in dimension, the kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket was built to be easily portable. From the bedroom, to the couch, to the car, take the cosiness and comfort of kudd.ly™ wherever it’s needed.


Why kudd.ly™ Is Better Than The Rest


Perfect Size and Weight

It is 48x78” in dimension and weighs approximately 5kg


Machine Washable

The only machine washable weighted blanket


Premium Glass Beads

Weighted by tiny, round, BPA Free, non-toxic glass beads


Cruelty Free

Manufactured and developed without harming any animals

When wrapped in a kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket

Originally designed to support severe anxiety, autism, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), weighted blankets are engineered to stimulate the feeling of a gentle hug through deep pressure touch, which relaxes your body and mind. Recently, the benefits of weighted blankets have been noticed by the general population who suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia and other sleep pattern issues brought on by conditions like stress and anxiety. 

When wrapped in a kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket, your serotonin and melatonin levels increase, while your stress levels decrease. This naturally improves your mood, while at the same time promotes restful sleep.
  • Calms the central nervous system

    The kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket provides just enough pressure to put your nervous system into a “rest” state, providing an overall sense of calm.

    Calms the central nervous system
  • Relieves Stress

    While laying under the kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket, the deep pressure touch helps put your mind at ease by reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress.

    Relieves Stress
  • Improves Sleep

    The kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket mimics the feeling of a hug, calming your mind and helping you fall asleep quicker and sleep longer.

    Improves Sleep

Feel relaxed and sleep with ease.


Uniquely huggable

Quilted channels keep the microbeads filling evenly distributed to hug your body better.

People Circle

Sustainably Made

Free of harmful, ozone depleting chemicals and emissions.


Designed with care

We spent months sourcing the best eco-friendly materials to produce the Kuddly.

The kudd.ly™ Collection

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"I love this hoodie blanket, it's super soft and cosy!"
Elaine P. London, UK

kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket

The largest, most comfiest hoodie blanket on the market.


  • Sherpa Interior
  • MicroCool™ Fleece Exterior
  • One Size Fits All
  • Machine Washable

Largest and Most Comfy

Massive hoodie blankets are hugely popular all over the world. We’ve taken what those have done before us and engineered the largest and most comfiest blanket hoodie out there.

Top Notch Quality

Our hoodie blanket is designed to never sag or have the sherpa peak out from below. Made with cruelty free materials, the kudd.ly™ Hoodie Blanket has a sherpa interior and a fleece exterior, with reinforced stitching and trim. So worry not, the kudd.ly™ is built to last.


Why Our Hoodie Blanket Beats the Rest


Super Soft MicroCool™ Fleece Shell

Made with luxury soft MicroCool™ Fleece for maximum breathability and comfort


Machine Washable

Don’t worry about those crumbs, simply throw your hoodie blanket in the wash anytime


Warm & Cosy Sherpa Interior

High quality sherpa interior from top to bottom to ensure maximum comfort


One Size Fits All

Over-sized by design to fit everyone in the family

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

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