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Aromatherapy Diffusers

Reg. £99.00
Save:    £30.00
  • Soothes stress and anxiety for an uplifted mood
  • Improves awareness, focus & productivity
  • Improves sleep quality & onset time
  • 6 + Ambient LED colours for mood balance
  • Two mist settings: 4-hour consistent and 8-hour intermittent
  • Modern and user friendly design
  • W: 8.7cm H: 18cm Weight: 0.49kg
  • Run time: Two settings: consistent 4-hour and intermittent 8-hour.
  • Diffusing capacity: 500 sq. - ft
  • Its easy to use your diffuser.
  • Fill up the water reservoir to the fill line
  • Add 20-25 drops of kalm 100% pure essential oils, then put the plastic cap and ceramic cover back on
  • Select your time setting and enjoy
  • For safety, the Kalmkoala diffuser automatically turns off when time is up or water runs out.

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Over 200,000+ Happy Kuddlers

What Our Customers Have To Say...

Truly Amazing Product!

My son has always had anxiety at bedtime and he often takes hours to fall asleep. I bought the Kalm diffuser and used the Tranquillity blend and he falls asleep almost straight away!

Tammy Wry, Verified buyer

My home feels like an oasis

I use the Tranquillity oil, in my office I use Energy, and in the living room I sometimes use Refreshing and other times I use Calm. They all smell amazing and the smells don’t clash, so I feel like I’m living in a spa.

Leigh Anne Knight, Verified buyer

Forget Candles!!

I stopped using candles in 2018 because of a respiratory infection and the doctor said chemical scents would make it worse, but man I missed my delicious smells. When I saw an ad for the kalm diffuser, I made the decision to go for it and I’ve never looked back! Diffusers use all-natural scents that are actually good for your lungs, mind, and well-being.

Delaney MacPherson, Verified buyer

Scents with Benefits
Fill your space with amazing scents that are packed with healing properties so you can enjoy great aromas while feeling great too.
Get the fragrance you want without compromising your health.
Function and Fashion
Our sleek, porcelain design comes in a neutral colour to suit any room in your home.

Kalmkoala Diffuser Key Features


Build different atmospheres with safe scents

Oil diffusers release cleansing molecules into the air that work to purify it, not overload it with unhealthy chemicals like candles and air fresheners without the fire risk. Easily interchange the scents of your Kalmkoala diffuser to create a perfect atmosphere for your current needs.

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Improve your sleep with calming scents

Fall asleep quicker and sleep more soundly with the right scented mist released from your Kalmkoala Diffuser. Try a lavender, Bulgarian rose, and Roman chamomile blend to help with insomnia and with a gentle hum that helps relax an agitated mind, you’ll be sleeping like a koala in no time.

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Control your appetite and increase energy

Oil diffusers can help stimulate the senses in a way that works to curb appetite. With new research showing that diffused peppermint oil can help curb appetite by inducing a satiety response within the body, your Kalmkoala Diffuser could help you on your wellness journey.

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Scents for combating bacteria and mold

The right herbal essential oils diffused by your Kalmkoala diffuser can help break down free radicals that contribute to the growth of harmful bacteria. Diffused oil is also highly effective at making the air inhospitable for yeasts such as mold.

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Can you use any essential oils in the Kalm Diffuser?

Although you can use most other brands of essential oils in your diffuser, we recommend you use our specialty blends.

Not only were they designed specifically for use with this diffuser, but they are also premium grade and specialist-blended, making them among the highest quality essential oil blends available.

Can I use more than one diffuser in my home at a time or will that create a confusing scent?

You absolutely can use multiple diffusers simultaneously in different rooms of your house. In fact, the Kalm Diffuser and our oil blends were designed to be used in multiple rooms at once, in order to create different atmospheres for different needs.

How do I use my diffuser?

To load your diffuser, fill up the water reservoir to the fill line. Add 20-25 drops of kalm 100% pure essential oils, then put the plastic cap and ceramic cover back on.

Select your time setting and enjoy!

Does it help with anxiety?

Yes! Many people use aromatherapy to help manage the symptoms of anxiety.

Can you mix the oil blends?

If you want to, there’s no reason why you can’t mix the oil blends. However, our blends were designed and manufactured by experts for optimal benefits, so mixing at home could weaken the effects.

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Mathu S.

Smells like heaven

The scents that come with this diffuser are just so heavenly. I feel so relaxed when I turn it on. My daily chores don’t even feel like chores at all!

kuddly Aromatherapy Diffusers Review
Sabrina D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Ugh, I just love this diffuser!

kuddly Aromatherapy Diffusers Review
Zach B.

Great product, really happy with it.

I really like this product and I’m glad I purchased it.

kuddly Aromatherapy Diffusers Review
Lena L.

My mum was quite happy

bought the diffuser for my mom because I know she’s been a little stressed recently. Well, let me tell you that she just loves it.

kuddly Aromatherapy Diffusers Review
Janice T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


This is a good product to have. I’m happy.

kuddly Aromatherapy Diffusers Review
Maya J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great product

I really enjoy this product. The scents are good too. :)

kuddly Aromatherapy Diffusers Review
Radha K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Money well spent

I am quite happy with the cost of the diffuser, as well as how brilliant the scents are. I’ve put it on my bookshelf and it just looks like a modern vase, but with a delightful secret.

Amy N.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

So Pretty!

I couldn’t decide on which colour to buy, so I bought both! The black looks really nice in my bedroom with my darker furniture, while the white fits in with the lighter feel of my living room!

Charlie L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

5 stars!

I give this product a 5 out of 5 stars. It’s really nice and fits nicely onto my bookshelf. The scents are also quite nice and provide a calming sensation while I work from home. Love it.

Hannah O.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Elegant, Chic, and good for my soul

This diffuser is so beautiful, and I just adore the scents that come with it. I haven’t felt this excited or refreshed in my own home for a long time. I don’t need to visit the spa as often anymore, because the calming sensation is right here in my living room!

Zara F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

It’s an art piece

The sleek design of the diffuser is really an artform. I love placing it with my monochromatic wall and seeing all my things just come together. The scents are also quite elegant. Perfect for my friends to admire when they are over.

Michael M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Wife is happy

I don’t normally write reviews and whatnot, but I just have to say that the wife is really happy with the diffuser I gifted her. Don’t tell her, but I really enjoy the peppermint scent as well!

Kelly R.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Love Love Love

OMG. I absolutely love this product. I’ve always wanted to get a diffuser for my home, and this one looked SO good that I just had to buy it!

Olive Q.

He won’t admit it, but my hubby loves it too

When I first bought the diffuser, my husband did not want it. He thought the house would smell like too much of a perfume shop. Well, the tables have turned and now he can’t get enough of the soothing scents.

Ally K.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Spa came home to me

One of my favourite reasons for going to the spa is to relax and inhale the gorgeous calming scents that they have. Well, with the diffuser, I can do just that! Nothing beats a Sunday evening with my diffuser and a good book.

Jessica P.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Cannot get enough

I adore the diffuser so much that I bought four! I’ve placed them in my bedroom, my living room, my office, and even in my kitchen! The scents that move throughout my home are so soothing and quite lovely.

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