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Cooling Weighted Blanket
Cooling Weighted Blanket
Cooling Weighted Blanket
Cooling Weighted Blanket
Cooling Weighted Blanket
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Cooling Weighted Blanket

Meet our cooling blanket, a mirror of our best-seller, but with a cooling twist. Engineered with HydroCool™ technology to keep you at a comfortable temperature while soothing away anxiety, fading away stress, and dispelling pain for the best, restorative sleep.

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Meet our cooling blanket, a mirror of our best-seller, but with a cooling twist. Engineered with HydroCool™ technology to keep you at a comfortable temperature while soothing away anxiety, fading away stress, and dispelling pain for the best, restorative sleep.

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Ultra-silent micro-glass sand beads
Silently move to form to your body’s shape, giving you the most comforting hug
The perfect weight
Weighing at 5kg, the kudd.ly™ blanket is best for relaxation and not feeling overwhelmed
Temperature regulating material
Crafted to give you cosy, comforting support, but comfortably cool too.

Enjoy Your Most Chilled Night Yet

Wrap yourself in our Cooling Blanket for comforting bliss. Its gentle pressure from its ultra-silent, micro-glass sand beads cools racing thoughts and restless legs, while providing clarity to the mind for deep, restorative sleep.

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A Cool, Comforting Blanket

Our Cooling Blanket is a one of a kind blanket that helps you chill out. Made from highly breathable HydroCool™ technology for regulating your temperature throughout the night, it keeps you comfortably cool, while applying gentle pressure for relaxing your body and mind.

For Keeping Cool Those Warmer Nights

For hot sleepers and for those who want comfort during the warmer months, this blanket has a way of keeping you cool while soothing stress and anxiety. With our cooling blanket, you’ll feel super chill in all senses of the word.

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Get the Best, Most Restorative Sleep

Weighted blankets help foster a calm mind, encouraging the body to fall asleep quickly and with ease. It stills racing thoughts and allows for deep, restorative sleep so you wake up refreshed and energized.

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Worry and Stress Less, Enjoy More Happiness

Just like a comforting hug, weighted blankets enfold you in a comforting embrace whenever you need one. They ease muscle tension and reduce stress hormones by 30% and increase happiness hormones by 30%. With our cooling blanket, only happy, chill days to come.

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Product Details


All kuddly cooling blankets are weighted with anti-rustle, glass micro sand beads that are encased in a pocket of polyester and silently mould to your body’s shape. The breathable, HydroCool™ shell is ultra-soft, cooling, and allows for optimal airflow to maintain the most comfortable temperature throughout the night. It’s a completely worry-free weighted blanket, being one of the only single-unit weighted blankets on the market, making it super easy to care for.


Weighs 5kg

48x78” dimension (the size of a single bed or throw)

Care Instructions:

Taking care of your kudd.ly™ Cooling Blanket is super easy. It’s completely machine washable..

  • Simply place your kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees celsius.
  • Make sure to use a gentle detergent.
  • Your kudd.ly™ Cooling Blanket loves to be air-dried, and make sure NOT to tumble dry it.

Either way, the more you take care of your Cooling Blanket, the more your Cooling Blanket will take care of you.

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kuddly Cooling Weighted Blanket Review
So glad I tried it

It definitely helps you sleep and the cooling technology works wonders. I'm a hot sleeper and I finally slept through the night no problem.

Amanda M.
kuddly Cooling Weighted Blanket Review

I have the regular kuddly blanket and loved that, but had to try out this new cooling blanket. The cooling technology is brilliant, I didn't feel to hot at all. I love the light blue, I'm definitely getting the grey as well.

Maya B.
kuddly Cooling Weighted Blanket Review
Works like it claims

Took a while to get used to, but once I did, for the first time I've been able to sleep through the night without waking up in sweat.

Katrina K.
My wife loves it

I bought this blanket for my wife because I had heard good things about it. She is a hot sleeper and is either covered in sweat or just throws off the blanket completely. I think this is the first time I've seen her all bundled up and sleeping soundly. You can be sure I'll let all my friends know about kudd.ly!

Raj S.
Ukraine Ukraine
Great Blanket

It's a great blanket because it doesn't make me feel too hot.

Alex A.
Ukraine Ukraine
Cool girl summer

I love the summer and I love wrapping up in a blanket, but it's usually hard to do both. Kuddly has got my back! With the cooling blanket, I can enjoy being wrapped up all day even when its hot! I guess I'm ready for a cool girl summer!

Lara Y.
Confused with the colour

I ordered a blanc de blanc blanket, but the tag says light grey? I called customer service and they advised that I did receive the correct colour, it's just a naming issue with the manufacturer. Other than that confusion, this blanket is great! Love how cool it keeps me.

David R.
Ukraine Ukraine
"I feel so COOL"

I am always feeling so hot. Like, 24/7! The kudly cooling blanket is the perfect blanket for me! I can wrap myself up and not get warm at all? Um, hello? MAGIC! I love, love, loveeee my cooling blanket!

Jenny F.
A solid weighted blanket

I was skeptical but it worked and I was surprised by how well it kept me cool throughout the night. Little lighter than I would have liked, but it does the job.

Kelly Z.
Love Love Love this blanket

Best thing I've ever spent my money on.

Emmi B.
Don't think about it, just buy it.

I've never slept so well. It really does keep you cool. I'm so glad I gave kuddy a try.

Thomas F.
A total life saver

I'm a hot sleeper and have terrible anxiety and the kuddly cooling blanket has been such a life saver. I take it with me everywhere, it's so comforting and the cooling technology is brilliant. I've had the most comfortable sleep ever since getting mine. Thanks kuddly.

Maggie W.
No complaints

Was a bit skeptical paying so much for a weigted blanket, but glad I did. Probably the best sleep I've ever had. Keeps me cool and helps me sleep a good 7-8 hours, which I never did before.

Daniel M.
Completely OBSESSED

Love this weighted blanket. Keeps you cool like it claims.

Megan S.
Totally worth it

Totally worth the price. You have to try it for youself. Love it.

Angella B.
Easy to care for
All kuddly products are easily washable, so they always look as good as the first day you got them
Free shipping
Who wants to worry about extra costs? No one—shipping is on us
30-night money-back guarantee
We know you’re going to love your kudd.ly™, but if you don’t after 30 days, send it back for a full refund
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