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Kloud Sliders

Reg. £49.00
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  • Orthopedic, ultra-cushioned soles
  • Perfectly constructed to mould to the shape of your feet
  • Foot, joint, and back pain relief
  • 24/7, indoor and outdoor wear
  • 6 trendy colours and 15 sizes
  • Lightweight and 100% waterproof
  • Sustainably crafted with EVA, CUSHIONsoft™ materials
  • Designed with moisture wicking and non-slip properties
  • 4cm thick, pliable midsole
  • Available in half-sizes for a perfect, comfortable fit
  • Keeping your kuddly Kloud Sliders looking brand new is super easy.
  • Easily wash off beach sand, dirt from the pitch, or mud from your garden by simply wiping with a wet cloth.
  • Leave them to air dry in a shaded area.
  • Remember, if you take care of your kuddly products, they’ll take care of you.

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“I bought a Pink pair of size 6, Sliders, everyone couldn't stop admiring them. I have Arthtitis in hips, knees, & base of my feet!!! So pretty, sooooo Comfy, great value. ❤ My Sliders!!!!! 🤗🥰😁”

Linda Brown, Verified buyer

Kuddly sliders......OMG like pillows on your feet

“Bought 2 pairs of these shoes and I do not regret. They are like walking on air. So comfortable. I haven't taken then off my feet since I had them. The first pair of sliders where I've not had a blister to show from them. I do aloy fo running and training and OMG these are a perfect for after those long runs or hard work outs. If you want to feel like you have pillow on your feet get ordering now. They also have a great deal on at the moment. Great value for money and delivery was super quick.”

Kate MacArthur, Verified buyer

💖💖kudd.ly, walking on a cloud

“💖💖kudd.ly Had been looking for comfy sliders as i have chronic pain in feet and needed ultimate comfort. I got these with a slight open mind as not had success before. Well within 5 minutes of putting these on....😍 literally walking on a cloud could wear all day with no discomfort. So 2nd pair bought for holidays. And wanting to try weighted hoodie or weighted cool blanket in near future because if helps my pain that much😲😊”

Pauline Ellerker, Verified buyer

Soothe foot, joint, and back pain
Engineered to help create the perfect balance between feet and hips for instant pain relief.
Ultra-cushion comfort and support
Crafted with a 4cm thick, extremely supportive midsole that absorbs impact so your heels and knees don’t have to.
Waterproof and anti-slip
Absolutely water-resistant and with an anti-slip sole, these sliders were made for beaches, pool decks, and showers.

Your feet have never felt so good

Item Image

Your feet have never felt so good

Your kuddly Kloud Sliders are engineered to cushion and support your feet. Their 4cm midsole soothes and prevents the aches and pains that come with being on your feet all day and they’re constructed with CUSHIONsoft™ technology to provide an ultra-soft cushion and comfort for your feet.

  • 6 trendy colours
  • Lightweight and easy to care for
  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • Wear them 24/7 pain free
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  • 6 trendy colours
  • Lightweight and easy to care for
  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors
  • Wear them 24/7 pain free
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Walking on a cloud

The ultra-soft cushion of your Kloud Sliders absorbs the impact of your heel touching the ground, reducing the amount of strain put onto your knees and hips. When you wear them, you’ll understand how it feels to be on your feet all day and not feel the need to give your feet a rest.

Support your health from head to toe

Wherever you need to go, your feet take you there. When you neglect them, the rest of your body—your joints, knees, hips, back, and neck—suffers. By protecting and cushioning your feet, your Kloud Sliders support your long-term health and mobility.

Comfort, Sustainably

The Kloud Sliders are a top of the line orthopedic slipper offered at an affordable price. They are made with sustainable EVA, a material used by some of the best athletic footwear brands in the world. These sliders offer some of the best shock-absorbing qualities for optimal comfort without damaging the planet.

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With you every step of the way

Have fun in the sun with your friends and family without worrying about the aches and pains that might come after. With a pair of Kloud Sliders cushioning and supporting your movements, you’ll feel like taking the fun home too.

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A gift from the heart, for the sole

Let them know you care about their wellbeing with a gift that promotes joint support and relieves pain.

Kloud Sliders are a wonderful addition to anyone’s stocking. They’re a great way to thank mom for her hard work around the house, and they’re the perfect gift to show the essential healthcare worker in your life how much you appreciate them.

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Do Kloud Sliders fit wide feet?

They fit true to size and fit all widths of feet. Over time, the pliable CUSIONsoft™ technology stretches and moulds to the shape of your foot, providing the perfect blend of comfort and support. Many testimonials report that the Kloud Sliders are perfect for their wide feet.

What sizes do the Kloud Sliders come in?

We have 15 sizes to choose from, ranging from size 3 to 10 (including half sizes). To ensure you are selecting the correct size view our detailed size chart here.

I have foot pain? Will these help?

Many of our customers say they help relieve their foot pain. They have also enjoyed some relief with their back pain and knees. Our Kloud Sliders cushion your feet with every step, so they’re basically more comfortable than most other footwear.

What are the Kloud Sliders made of?

They’re made of EVA CUSHIONsoft™ materials. They’re super soft, and offer the ideal cushion comfort.

Are they as comfy as they look?

Oh yeah! But keep in mind that they are slightly stiff when you get them and will need to be worked in for them to perfectly mould to your foot. Wear them for a week to break them in and they will soften up. Don’t like waiting that long? Soak them in warm water for 30 minutes.

Get your Kudd.ly kloud slides today!

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United Kingdom United Kingdom


Purchased two pairs a couple of months ago, absolutely love them, wore them on holiday round the pool didn't slip once, wore them every day for two weeks, like walking on air, im ordering another pair for myself and a pair for my husband

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Love my sliders

Lovely slides, I bought two pairs for myself very comfortable especially with my line of work, I shall be ordering all colours...

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
Lynne D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Skin slippers

Absolutely fabulous pain free on my legs and back I've suffered for 2 years with pain and taken medication can't believe the difference Kuddly make, just wish they do shoe's so I can wear them all day long as work doesn't allow slip-on,

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
Jade F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

If I can get anything in this world to be heard it’s to buy these cloud slippers

Wow. I bought these after seeing adverts on Facebook and Instagram constantly. My dog had chewed my previous adidas flip flops that I wear around the house. I’d looked into these and read the reviews and I thought why not. I have to say this is exactly what I imagine walking on clouds would feel like. They are true to size, they are well made and I love them. I can not yet attest to their longevity but they feel Strong and feel like they will last so long. However this is something I will have to see. If I had the money I’d buy one pair in each colour for sure, they are perfect for slippers and then actually perfect as actual going out sliders. Extremely happy with purchase and would fully recommend.

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Super soft sliders

These are the best n most comfiest sliders I've ever had. They are pure comfort on my feet. I have just ordered another 2 pairs.... Brilliant 😁😁

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
Michael B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

"Cloud Walkers"

My whole experience with everyone at Kudd.ly has been par excellence! Their website is easy to navigate and transactions are easy and smooth. Kudd.ly keep you Imformed all the way to the delivery of purchases! Then Kudd.ly contact you to see if you received and are happy with your purchase Kudd.ly 's Customer Service is exceptional "Now to the Product itself Kloud Sliders"' Heaven" no really ' Since I have worn my Kloud Sliders to date "I have not experienced pain from Plantar Fasciitis of which I had for years together! " Some times I experienced excruciating pain in my right heel. "No more pain only gain"! I'm joyfully more active! The thick moulding cushioning is "Brilliant" so much comfort! Very stylish! Kudd.ly hand on my heart you have Truly, Tirelessly and Selflessly come to our aid during these trying and uncertain times! "Kudd.ly You Have Achieved that which the Experts charging Hundreds of pounds have not Achieved A more than reasonably priced cure ie Kloud Sliders Foot wear, for all our foot complaints! No Wonder We Love Kudd.ly My humble Thanks! Kudd.ly is a 5 star company selling 5 star products! and 5 star Customer service! �����😊♥️👍🙏

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
Debbie T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Love these

I saw these advertised on Facebook.and decided to buy a pair. Best decision. So comfortable. You wouldn't even know they were on your feet. Love them

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
Diane C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I love my sliders!

Very good. Will be ordering more for myself in different colours! 😊🥰❤

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
Susan D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Just received my new sliders, I actual feel I'm walking on clouds

Excellent, Just received my new sliders, I actual feel I'm walking on clouds. So comfy Thank you 🩰💕

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
Naomi M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Best shoes EVER!

THANKYOU I love them! I suffer from multiple chronic health conditions, including osteoarthritis, hypermobile ehlers-danlos syndrome, plantar faciaitus, Dysautonomia, PoTS, pes cavus, general joint pain and dislocations. These little beauties make my feet feel like I'm walking on clouds! I'm able to walk for longer than usual, and they don't give me any pressure points or blisters! Which is amazing as my heels are a slightly strange shape and my arches exceptionally high. Wether you have normal feet or suffer from foot pain of some kind, these shoes are fantastic! Cannot recommend highly enough!

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Comfiest ever!

Absolutely love my sliders, they are super light and comfy, like a pair of pink marshmallows! 💖

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
Jane B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Like walking on air

Amazed how comfortable they are. I’ve got pink for inside and black for outside. What are we going to do in the winter, maybe ankle boots with the same sole would be good!

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Brilliant. So good for my Plantur foot. Really am impressed. First thing I put on after being on my feet all day after work. Helps so much with the pain. Tbh haven’t really worn anything else since. Will be ordering more. Thank you

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Such a brilliant product

Bought these shoes after dreaming about a pair of comfy house shoes and having a quick google. Bought two pairs- the other a for my boyfriend. They are so comfy!! I will not be taking these off for the foreseeable future. Love that they’re waterproof too. Great for the unpredictable British weather.

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
Cathy U.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

On Cloud 9

A month ago, my heels were sore, my soles were achey and I was hobbling out of bed every morning. From being a keen walker, I suddenly felt slow and ancient. Thank goodness i discovered Kuddlies online! A day after ordering, my parcel arrived and I slid my poor sore feet into the cushioned heaven of Kloud sliders. What an absolute relief! Since then I haven't stopped telling friends and fam how fab they are... And they look cool, so much so that when I showed my daughter and her student housemates, thay have now all ordered some too! Thank you, I am a Kuddlies convert and my feet are on 'Kloud' 9!

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great choice cloud sliders

Love my new cloud sliders they are so light and comfortable, I have feet pain at times and these cloud sliders help with my feet problem I can wear them all day in comfort and they come in pretty different colours giving a great choice I also got some for my boyfriend he loves his cloud sliders too I fully recommend them 😊👌

kuddly Kloud Sliders Review
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