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Kalmkoala by kuddly
Therapeutic weighted blanket benefits
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Home / Collections / Blankets / Therapeutic Weighted Blanket
Kalmkoala by kuddly

Therapeutic Weighted Blanket

Reg. £138.00
Save:    £49.00
Includes a duvet cover worth £89.00
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  • Uses deep pressure touch to provide therapeutic relief from anxiety and stress
  • All-seasons design for year-round comfort
  • Comes with a two-sided duvet cover
  • Duvet cover is crafted with eco-friendly, cooling bamboo and comforting soft fleece
  • OEKO-TEX® certified - suitable for sensitive skin
  • Weighted by micro-sand BPA free glass beads, never plastic
  • Available in 2 sizes and 3 weight options for the best personal comfort
  • OEKO-TEX® certified - suitable for sensitive skin with no harmful chemicals or synthetics
  • Available in two sizes: Standard 48"x78” and King 60"x80"
  • Available in three weights: 4kg, 6.8kg, 9kg
  • Remove duvet cover from the duvet
  • Wash the duvet cover on cold, delicate cycle
  • Air dry
  • Once the duvet cover is dry, attach it back to the weighted duvet with the expertly placed loops and ties
  • Spot wash the weighted duvet only
  • Do not wash and/or dry the weighted duvet in the washing machine
  • Do not iron


Deep, restorative sleep starts with a Koala Weighted Blanket. Using deep pressure touch to provide therapeutic relief from anxiety and stress, the Koala Blanket was designed to calm the mind. An all-seasons blanket with a removable, washable cover that has one side made with eco-friendly, cooling bamboo and the other side is plush, comforting fleece. Choose between 2 sizes and 3 different weights.

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What Our Customers Have To Say...

The perfect weight and feels like a real hug!

I have been looking and weighing up which of these weighted blankets to buy. And I felt yours sounded the best thought out! I love the fact it has a cooler & warmer side. Both feel extremely soft and luxurious against the skin. I love the feel of the weight wrapping around me when I get into bed. I am making all my family and friend hop in and try it! I love it!

Denise l. Verified buyer

I never slept this soundly.

I just received it yesterday and I already know it will be hard to do without. As an autistic person I can positively say that this blanket is another tool to sleep better !
Having a connectives tissues disorder, I feared that it will be to much on my joints (ankles mostly) but it was great, like the blanket was holding me together.
I really recommend to try sleeping with one if you have someone who can lend you one for a few days. It's a big investment, but a necessary one for many of us.

Isaac Verified buyer

Absolutely brilliant.

Suffer with fibromyalgia & cfs. Has helped Massively, 100% recommend.

Vicky M. Verified buyer

Kalmkoala by kuddly

Where cosy meets kalm. A therapeutic line of high-quality premium products made to encourage healing and soothing of the body and mind. Where offers cosiness, kalmkoala offers calm. Both provide much welcome comfort.

Kalm therapy, kuddly komfort
Deep pressure therapy reduces stress hormones by up to 30%!
Double sided cover
For all season use, enjoy cooling bamboo and comforting fleece.
Stress less, live more
What do you get when you combine premium therapeutic design with cosy craftsmanship? Our unique koala by kuddly line!

Offering the Best Stress-free Sleep

Item Image

Offering the Best Stress-free Sleep

Our Therapeutic Weighted Blanket helps you sleep just like a koala, deep and without any interruptions. It’s crafted with sleep therapy in mind by using deep pressure therapy to provide those who have the pleasure of using one to relax to their fullest. Choose the perfect size and weight and find yourself falling into dreamland and waking up refreshed and stress-free the next morning.

  • Anti-rustle glass beads
  • BPA-free glass beads
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Comes in multiple sizes and weights
  • All-seasons duvet cover
  • Hassle-free tie system
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  • Anti-rustle glass beads
  • BPA-free glass beads
  • Double-stitched for durability
  • Comes in multiple sizes and weights
  • All-seasons duvet cover
  • Hassle-free tie system
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Your days just got better

Our Therapeutic Blanket’s sleep-inducing properties are almost like magic. Everyone who owns one can’t stop talking about how refreshed they feel each morning after slumbering under this all-seasons weighted blanket. With, you can take on the day feeling great.

Choose size and weight
With you for life

A high-quality weighted blanket is an investment and can last a lifetime Just wash the cover whenever your blanket needs to be freshened up. While most blankets would need to be replaced altogether, you can replace your cover for a fraction of the price!

How to choose the right weight

Your Koala weighted blanket should weigh 7-13% of your bodyweight. Drag the toggle below to find your perfect weight.

55 Kg

Recommended blanket weight:


How it fits to your bed

Select Size


An all-seasons weighted blanket

With its two-sided duvet cover made to keep you comfortable no matter what season it is, you can enjoy the pleasure of deep-restorative sleep all year long.

Choose size and weight

Get cosy with comforting fleece

Our double-sided duvet cover features ultra-soft and comforting fleece on one side for the ultimate cosiness no matter how cold it gets. Fleece is an ideal fabric for winter for its insulating properties so you never have to worry about catching a chill at night.

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Chill out with cool bamboo

Our double-sided duvet cover features cooling bamboo on one side for breathable comfort during those warmer nights. Bamboo is a renewable material that is naturally hypoallergenic and thermoregulating for hot sleepers. So you can stay cool and cosy without harming the planet!

Choose size and weight


How heavy should my blanket be?

The therapeutic weighted blanket is designed to be approximately 7-13% of your body weight.

How to choose the right size?

Our standard size Therapeutic Weighted Blanket is 48 x 78″ (122cm x 198cm), which is the perfect size for one person. Our king size Therapeutic Weighted Blanket is 60 × 80″ (154.2cm x 203.2cm) which fits well over double and even king-sized beds. Both of these sizes have an option of 6.8kg or 9kg for optimum comfort.

Is the blanket machine washable?

The weighted duvet insert cannot be machine washed or tumble dried.

To wash the duvet cover, simply wash it on cold, delicate cycle and air dry. Once dry, simply attach the cover back to the weighted insert by using the loop-and-tie design.

To wash the weighted duvet insert, simply spot clean if needed.

We recommend avoiding dry cleaning, soaking and bleaching.


How long will it take to get used to the Koala Blanket?

This will vary from person to person. Some people love their blanket straight away and feel the amazing benefits immediately. For others, getting used to a weighted blanket takes a few days but never more than a few weeks.

It’s important to remember a weighted blanket is heavier than a regular duvet or blanket for therapeutic purposes.

How do I use the Therapeutic Weighted Blanket?

You can use your Therapeutic Weighted Blanket all year round thanks to its double-side design. For cooler nights, you can use the ultra-soft fleece side while for warmer nights you can use the silky cooling bamboo side to keep cool and comfy.

Is the Therapeutic Weighted Blanket suitable for children?

Our Therapeutic Weighted Blanket is suitable for use by children over 8 years old who weigh at least 35-36kg.

Is Therapeutic Weighted Blanket OEKO-TEX certified?

Yes, all our weighted blankets are OEKO-TEX certified now!

*OEKO-TEX is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

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