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Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
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Weighted Blanket

Meet our number one seller. Engineered with the perfect weight to soothe anxiety, fade away stress, and dispel pain for the best, restorative sleep, the kudd.ly™ weighted blanket is recommended by most who give it a try. Weight: 5kg. Material: Ultra-soft, MicroCool™ Fleece to keep you super comfortable and cosy.

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Meet our number one seller. Engineered with the perfect weight to soothe anxiety, fade away stress, and dispel pain for the best, restorative sleep, the kudd.ly™ weighted blanket is recommended by most who give it a try. Weight: 5kg. Material: Ultra-soft, MicroCool™ Fleece to keep you super comfortable and cosy.

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Ultra-silent micro-glass sand beads
Silently move to form to your body’s shape, giving you the most comforting hug
The perfect weight
Weighing at 5kg, the kudd.ly™ blanket is best for relaxation and not feeling overwhelmed
Just like a throw blanket
Measuring at 48x78”, the kudd.ly™ blanket is the size of a single bed & it looks great in any room

Falling Asleep Has Never Been Easier

Melt away your stress from racing thoughts or your restless legs with the kuddly blanket. It helps nurture stillness, encouraging your body and mind to switch off for the night so you may enjoy a calm and restorative slumber.

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That Feel-good Sort of Cosy

There’s no denying that a great life begins with a great night’s sleep. When we sleep well, we’re happier and healthier. By gently hugging your entire body, the kuddly Blanket can aid you in drifting off into a deep sleep.

A Worry-Free Kind of Blanket

Many weighted blankets come with a cover involving tiresome straps you have to worry about when washing them. But not with our weighted blanket. It’s a single unit and can be machine washed, making it the most stress-free weighted blanket you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing.

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Guaranteed High Quality

Every kuddly blanket is weighted by ultra-silent glass sand beads, which stay quiet when they move to form and hug your body. They’re padded with polyester and protected by our breathable, ultra-soft MicroCool™ Fleece, so you stay comfortable no matter what temperature.

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Wake Up Happy and Restored

Most weighted blankets have been known for easing muscle tension, reducing stress hormones by 30% and increasing the release of happy hormones by 30%. With the comforting feeling of our weighted blanket’s hug all night, providing the most restorative deep sleep, there can only be blissful nights and happy days ahead.

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Product Details


All kuddly blankets are weighted with anti-rustle, glass micro sand beads that are encased in a pocket of polyester and silently mould to your body’s shape. The breathable, MicroCool™ Fleece shell, is ultra-soft and allows for optimal airflow to maintain the most comfortable temperature throughout the night. It’s a completely worry-free weighted blanket, being one of the only single-unit weighted blankets on the market, making it super easy to care for.


Weighs 5kg

48x78” dimension (the size of a single bed or throw)

Care Instructions:

Taking care of your kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket is super easy. It’s the only completely machine washable weighted blanket on the market.

  • Simply place your kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket in the washing machine on a cold gentle cycle at a maximum of 30 degrees celsius.
  • Make sure to use a gentle detergent.
  • Your kudd.ly™ Weighted Blanket loves to be air-dried, but it can be tumble dried if need be.

Either way, the more you take care of your kudd.ly™, the more your kudd.ly™ will take care of you.

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kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Received my blanket as

Received my blanket as a birthday present! I can’t describe how much I love this blanket!! I sleep the whole night through. Even my little cat loves the blanket. Ordering another for my boyfriend as he keeps stealing mine.

kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Got this as I

Got this as I suffer with fibromyalgia and arthritis plus sleeping problems, I opened it up was wrapped lovely btw and wrapped it around me and sat down on my sofa for 15-30mins, then went into my bed and lay on top of bed with blanket over me and it did feel good and the velvety touch of it is so soft so for now I feel this is a good buy , oh and my wee dog Bella loved it over her also ( she always sleeps on my bed with me) wish they did them for pets ! *****

Norah C.
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Brilliant very good weight

Brilliant very good weight just right and evenly spread.I have tried a few and this is the most soft and luxurious, its woth the money ! Its good for body pain ,Arthritis and cfs syndrome...I have ordered 2 more ...Thank you kudd.ly

Theresa D.
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
We had to wait

We had to wait longer than anticipated but it was well worth the wait! So much so I’ve ordered another! So soft, so comforting, bed night sleep both my Son and I (pinched it to try it) have ever had. The quality is beyond description for the money!

Cathy M.
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Think I need to

Think I need to purchase another blanket . My dog seems to have stolen mine .

kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Anthonys laid through 2

Thank you Kudd.ly Anthonys laid through 2 Jurassic parks, never keeps in one place this long unless he’s asleep. Weighted blanket worth its weight in gold !

Thank you Kudd.ly
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Fast shipping as

He Love it! Fast shipping as well! Right on time for Christmas 🎁

kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Bought my son a

Bought my son a blanket for Christmas, best present ever ! He is autistic and has Tourette’s, it’s calmed his ticks long enough to watch a whole program in quiet 😂. Also got one for myself but my daughter stole it and said it was the best nights sleep she’s ever had !

kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
I purchased one to

I purchased one to try, will be getting another for sure. Lovely soft velvety material. My son who is 7 loves the feel and weight of the blanket, his little face says it all! My older boy and I would like one also. Fast service, received next day. Great price with voucher code.

kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Finally got my Kuddly

Finally got my Kuddly Blanket, was worth the wait, love the feel, love the look, perfect. Came nicely packaged with a bow, can’t believe the weight but don’t notice once your wrapped in it. Would recommend it to anyone with leg cramp etc as it has helped mine and also sleep. Thank you ❤️👌 Also have to say great value for money, worth every penny 🤗

Shelly S.
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Love this blanket it

Love this blanket it has helped so much with my sleep . I was getting up every 2- 3 hours now I’m only up once . It’s so comfortable and good quality . Worth the wait 😊 I have ordered another blanket - ordered on Saturday received today - Good customer service from start to finish . Couldn’t be without a weighted blanket now 😊

Leanne H.
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
First night kuddly blanket

First night kuddly blanket 1 little boo 0 usually 4 hours of missing and playing about with in 20 mins of going bed she’s fast asleep I’m amazed. My son has severe Asperger and it’s made a massive difference to his sleep pattern more settles and night and less groggy in the morning highly recommended

Tracey L.
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
I definitely love this

I definitely love this kuddly blank it’s arrived today just in time as I’m not feeling very well today so I’m all cuddled up in it hope have a better sleep too great customer service arrived a couple days late but was great full to have it now and great deal on this thank you

Emma G.
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
Delivery was a bit

Delivery was a bit late. (I worried as I'd bought it on Facebook and you hear lots of horror stories about buying off of Facebook.) I ordered the blanket on the Friday and recieved it on the Thursday. Totally worth the wait! It's soooo soft and comfortable. I can NOT wait until i get to relax in it tonight 😍 Thank you so much Kuddly. Absolutely 5***** product. Highly recommend 😁

Cresta H.
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
ly blanket arrived yesterday,

My Kudd.ly blanket arrived yesterday, beautifully packed with pretty bow. It’s heavy and is taking a while to get use to as a fibromyalgia sufferer but although I slept for a shorter time last night I slept better according to my Fitbit app!! Looking forward to getting better sleep and getting the blanket to myself as at the moment it seems I paid a lot for a “dog” blanket...at least three of them have snuggles up on it with me so far 😂😂😂 Thank you for a quick delivery of a lovely product.

Nikie D.
kuddly Weighted Blanket Review
A great quality, super

A great quality, super soft blanket. At 4.7kg it's just the right weight to sleep under. Love it.

Amanda T.
Easy to care for
All kuddly products are easily washable, so they always look as good as the first day you got them
Free shipping
Who wants to worry about extra costs? No one—shipping is on us
30-night money-back guarantee
We know you’re going to love your kudd.ly™, but if you don’t after 30 days, send it back for a full refund
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