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Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
Weighted Blanket
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Weighted Blanket

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  • Good Housekeeping Institute Approved 2022 - #1 Ranked. Best Weighted Blanket in UK
  • The perfect weight (5-7kg) for adults & kids to help soothe anxiety.
  • Ultra-soft, breathable MicroCool™ Fleece for maximum cosiness.
  • Machine washable.
  • Available in two sizes (48"x78” or 60"x80”)
  • Anti-rustle, glass micro sand beads encased in double-stitched pockets silently mould to your body’s shape.
  • Cosy, ultra-soft temperature-regulating MicroCool™ Fleece shell.
  • No ties for a completely worry-free, snag-free (all-in-one) weighted blanket.
  • The only single unit blanket of its kind on the market, making it super easy to care for.
  • How to wash a kuddly weighted blanket?
  • Place in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
  • Use cold water at a maximum of 30 degrees celsius.
  • Be sure to use a gentle detergent.
  • Your blanket prefers to be air-dried, but it can be tumble-dried if need be.


Our number one sleep companion—all in one—classic weighted blanket, made to soothe stress and anxiety. Made with the perfect weight of 5kg or 7kg.

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What Our Customers Have To Say...


I was so unsure if a weighted blanket would actually work but it is honestly amazing, one of the best things I've ever bought. As soon as I put it on top of me I instantly feel relaxed. I would definitely recommend to anyone thinking of buying! (Not a suffer of anxiety but super stressful job and struggle sleeping with a B12 deficiency and migraines)

Kirsten Verified buyer

Helps with fibro pain

I love my weighted blanket! I bought the cooling blankets to replace my duvet negate I always run hot. Because I experienced so many benefits from that, I bought also bought the original, comfy, snugly weighted blanket for using on the sofa. I use a sofa blanket almost all year round so replacing that with this has made a real difference. I'm getting less pain when I'm sitting on the sofa. It's so soft, comforting and relaxing.

Annette W. Verified buyer

Worked wonders

I’ve always heard weighted blankets help with anxiety so anything was worth a try to help my child. He loves that secure cuddle feeling the blanket gives. Will sit wrapped up while watching a film or it lays in his bed at night. Comfortable without being too heavy which I have noticed with some other blankets!Worked wonders

Karen C. Verified buyer

Micro glass bead filling
Is breathable and helps the blanket form to the body like the ultimate hug
The perfect weight
Weighing at 5kg, the kuddly blanket is best for relaxation and not feeling overwhelmed
The size of a throw blanket
Measuring at 48x78”, the kuddly blanket is the size of a single bed & can easily move from room to room.

Welcome home the kuddly weighted blanket

Item Image

Welcome home the kuddly weighted blanket

What is a weighted blanket?

A comforting blanket like no other, the kuddly Weighted Blanket benefits include easing muscle tension, reducing stress, and increasing happiness.

With our 30 day trial, get a taste of the kuddly experience and fall in love with sleep, discover calming focus, and rejoice in a worry-free life.

  • Deeper, restorative sleep
  • A more focused and productive mind
  • A worry-free blanket
  • Muscle tension relief
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  • Deeper, restorative sleep
  • A more focused and productive mind
  • A worry-free blanket
  • Muscle tension relief
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Falling asleep has never been easier

The OG kuddly Weighted Blanket is known for its sleep-inducing properties. With the perfect weight of 5kg, it has the optimal amount of pressure to produce the sleep hormone. Cosy, warm, and comforting, many have praised it for how easily and quickly they fall asleep now.

Do weighted blankets work?

Yes, weighted blankets works for individuals that need help sleeping, those with autism and other related conditions. The kuddly weighted blanket has brought cosy comfort to so many households in the UK.


The softest Weighted Blanket you’ll ever own

As smooth as velvet and just as soothing, our kuddly Weighted Blanket is so soft you’ll love wrapping yourself in its comforting folds whether in bed, on the couch, or at your desk.

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Only the best quality

Weighted by ultra-silent glass sand beads, which stay quiet when they move to form and hug your body. They’re padded with polyester and protected by our breathable, ultra-soft MicroCool™ Fleece, so you stay comfortable no matter what temperature.

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A gift like no other

We strive to bring a smile to the face of anyone who has the chance to experience kuddly. So, whether you’re buying one for yourself or a loved one, every kuddly Weighted Blanket is carefully folded and wrapped in a beautiful bow.

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Frequently asked questions

I read that a weighted blanket needs to be 10% of your body weight, is that true?

The notion that your weighted blanket should be 10% of your body weight is mostly stated due to safety reasons. This is because you shouldn’t be using a blanket heavier than 10% of your body weight.

Most people enjoy one on the lighter side, as it’s not too heavy and is quite comforting.

The optimal weight for perfect relaxation and comfort, recommended by psychology today, is between 5kg and 7kgs. This is why the classic Weighted Blanket is offered at 5kg, while our King Weighted Blanket is 7kg.

What are the dimensions of both of the kuddly Blankets?

The kuddly Weighted Blanket is 48 x 78″ (122cm x 198cm), which is the perfect size for one person. The Big Blanket is 60 × 80″ (154.2cm x 203.2cm) which fits well over double and even a king-sized bed.

Does the kuddly blanket get too hot? Can I use it all year round?

The kuddly blanket is highly breathable and is made from super-soft MicroCool™ fleece. You can comfortably use it in the winter or summer. The glass bead filling is better for temperature regulation than cheaper plastic beads.

Does the blanket bunch together?

No, our kuddly Weighted Blanket is filled with BPA-free glass beads sewn into individually stitched pockets in the blanket. This allows the beads to stay in place which eliminates any bunching and ensuring even weight distribution for optimal comfort.

Is the kuddly blanket machine washable?

Yes. It’s a single-unit weighted blanket that is entirely machine washable. Simply toss the entire thing into the washing machine on a gentle cold cycle and hang it to dry.

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